Must Read: Coronavirus May Leave Back These Long-Term Effects Even After Being Cured

Coronavirus is getting scary, day by day. This deadly disease has affected millions of people across the globe. And it continues gripping people from different age groups. Because of the complex structure of the virus, the vaccine will take a long time to develop, and therefore, it is advisable to take precautions like social distancing and washing hands.

However, still, there are cases, even after the patients took the necessary actions. Doctors suggest that coronavirus comes with different kinds of symptoms and may have long term effects too. With such predictions, it is necessary to be aware of long-term effects. This article will guide you on the same.

Let’s see how different organs of the body can come under the grip of coronavirus

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When the COVID-19 virus enters the body, the immune system develops some cells that fight the virus. Sometimes, the infected person’s immune system may produce extra cells, which could harm vital organs of your body.

The vital organ is lungs. When extra cells are produced, scarring takes place in the lungs. Due to this condition, the lung capacity will decrease and it leads to shortness of breath.



It is one of the most vital organs in the human body. Even a small deformity in the heart could affect the human body in a large way. Statistics show that 20% of the patients who were affected by COVID-19 in china had heart damage.

So, it is clear that the effect of the virus is harmful to the heart and for the other organs as well. In some cases, the virus may trigger the tendency of heart attack, even after getting cured.



When COVID-19 remains for a long period of time inside the body, it affects the kidney too. According to a report presented by the society of nephrology, it was said that abnormalities are present in 20-50% of patients, affected by a coronavirus. Some of the diseases that can take place as a result of coronavirus are kidney failure and urine infection.

Nervous System

Nervous system

When the coronavirus attacks inside your body, it not only sticks on one organ but affects other organs as well. The majority of the symptoms that Covid-19 patients were showing are the result of an attack on the nervous system.

According to a study by JAMA neurology, it was found that symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and smell impairment were common. Also, these symptoms were seen in 40% of Covid patients in China.

Studies also show that research will be continued until the relation between COVID-19 and the nervous system is found out.

That’ s all folks, the above piece of article will keep the patients alerted about the long-term effects of coronavirus. 

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