Government To Allow Only 33 Percent Of Staff To Re-Join The Office But On Condition

If you have not downloaded the Aarogya Setu app on your mobile phone, then do it now. It is because as per the new guidelines Government of India made it compulsory for all to download the app. So, whether you are a public sector employee or work in the private sector, you should have an Aarogya app installed in the device.

It is in sense to further prevent the spread of covid-19. Also, those who are living in containment zones should have the app in their device. As per the directive, offices will soon be opened in a staged manner.

But, the government has issued directives to the states that only 33 per cent of the staff will be allowed to join the office. Private offices can thus allow 33 per cent of staff as per the need. Rest will work from home.

Aarogya Setu App

On the other hand, Government offices with senior officers will work at full strength. Guidelines are the same for the remaining staff. As per the order by the Personnel Ministry, the status of Aarogya Setup from each employee’s mobile will be reviewed.

If the status shows safe then they can commute otherwise they will have to self-isolate for 14 days. Furthermore, those with status showing moderate risk are also not allowed to join the office.

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The app is developed in the sense to aware people about the presence of an infected person. It works on Bluetooth and sends alert to an individual if any infected person is around them. However, it works only when the Bluetooth of both devices is turned on.

The app turns on the Bluetooth automatically to ensure the effectiveness of the app. Now, it would be compulsory for everyone to download the app so as to join the office. The instructions should be followed strictly by all the autonomous bodies, PSUs, statutory bodies, and more.

But, it does not mean that download is not mandatory for the rest of the people. PM Modi has requested everyone to download the app, it’s for their safety. So, download the app now.

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