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Monsoon Hair Woes? Easy Yet Amazing Ways To End Them

Monsoon is finally here. Everyone was waiting for this romantic and breezy season to give relief from the hot summer days. But this monsoon is not good for your hair, and that’s why they need some extra care during monsoon. The increased humidity in the air can cause various hair problems, including dandruff, hair fall, and frizzy hair.

So, to protect your hair from all these hair woes, here we’ve come with a few hair care tips. Let’s have a look.

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Shampoo Twice A Week:

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Hair seems to go through a phase of oiliness during the monsoon. This leads to lusterless, sticky, and heavy head. You can easily combat this problem by washing your hair twice a week with a mild shampoo.

Oiling Is Must:

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Did you remember those childhood days when your mother or grandmother had forced you to apply oil on hair? Well, then we thought they did over react. But now we realized that oiling is the key to get healthy and strong hair.

Oil massage provides the essential nutrients and strength to the hair. So, you should apply oil on your hair regularly.

Avoid Combing Wet Hair:

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There will be many occasions when you have to face wet hair during monsoon. So, it is recommended not to combing wet hair. It is because water makes the hair weak that leads to hair fall.

Tie Your Hair In Bun Or Loose Ponytails:

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During monsoon, a tight hairstyle can cause sweats on your scalp, and open hair in the rain will be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. What to do? Simply opt for a middle option, which means tie your hair in buns or loose ponytails. Easy-peasy!

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To conclude, follow these simple tips to give extra care and attention to your hair this monsoon and say goodbye to all hair woes!

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