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Subtle Ways To Wear Neon, The Trend That Keeps On Buzzing

Hot, pretty and eye-catching neon colours never go out of fashion! Choosing muted neon, acid green, or orange will make you outstanding. Indeed, these colours are feminine, nice, and enhance your style. They showcase your bold personality and your love for the latest fashion trends.

However, whenever selecting neon colours, make sure not over-mix them since it can ruin your overall look. Pull off these colours with neutrals, softer and simpler colours so that there is a contrast.

Whether you are just wearing neon first time or it is one of your favorite colours, it is still the best way to add some boldness and style to your wardrobe and make you have a chick look.

Here are some style tips on how to wear neon colours properly without looking like a traffic light.

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Choose A Shade That Suits You:

Via: glamour.com

Neon is a bold shade, and not every shade of neon suits every skin tone out there. If you have a pale complexion, you should opt for darker neon-like, electric cobalt blue or a vibrant purple. Go for neon orange, neon green, or Fuschia pink if you have medium to darker complexions.

So, while buying neon, make sure to consider your skin tone.

Pair With Neutrals:


An amazing way to play with the neon safe is to pair it with neutrals. You’ve definitely tried the classic option of wearing a neon top with bottoms and black tights. But you are amazed to know that neon also looks stunning when pulling off with neutral shades like white, cream, or beige.

Mix Solid Neon With Animal Print:

Via: Mix Solid Neon With Animal Print

You don’t necessarily have to wear neon with neutral or another solid colour. The versatile shades also look wonderful when matching it with prints, especially animal prints.

A neon top looks perfect and elegant with a leopard print midi skirt. Another great idea is to pair an animal print top with a neon shade skirt.


Via: vogue.com

If you are a fashionista and want to unbound your neon style, pull off the two different neon colours in the form of two separate pieces. For an unversed, hot red top with neon pink skirt, bright orange shirt paired with hot red plazzos.

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Neon is all about having fun, so don’t forget to play with it!

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