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5 Low-Budget But Profitable Food Business Ideas 2020

Are you looking for low investment food business ideas? If you love to eat and prepare food, then these food-based business ideas are for you. We have assembled a list of the most trending and lucrative concepts to start with your food business at a low budget.

These Food-based low investment business ideas are easy to implement and cost-effective. But, before entering a food business, you must have good knowledge of food handling practices and food safety as relevant to your business.

Food Businesses That You Can Start With Minimum Investment:

Cooking classes

Cooking classes
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It can be one of the best choices if you are a good cook and want to start a business with meager investment. Cooking classes business can be set up at home with less money.

If you love both eating and cooking, then you can start with your cooking classes. While sharing food is a good thing, sharing cooking skills is excellent.

You can choose a target audience who wants to learn how to cook. Start with your social media account to inform people about your service. To build an audience, you can promote your service both offline and online. 

If you start with online cooking classes, then you can record your cooking videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. Building an engaging social media presence will boost your food business growth.

If your budget is low, you can start cooking classes from your home, making specific arrangements. 


BakeryBakery is in the second position in our list of low-cost food business ideas. To start a bakery business, make sure you are an expert at making recipes that include biscuit and bread.

This business can be started on a small scale and large scale as well. It would be best if you have a baker that can cook baked items like cakes, pastries, bread, and so on that require the use of an oven. 

Also, you can take a franchise of a Well-established bakery company and sell their food items online or offline.

Chocolate making


Chocolate is one of the most loved food products that is eaten across the globe all year. If you love cooking chocolates, then this business idea is for you. Also, you can begin with a chocolate business with low investment. 

Make homemade chocolates from the comfort of your home and let people crave for your yummy treats.

Food on-wheels

food truck
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Food on-wheels is generally a mobile food restaurant which is becoming more popular day by day. It is one of the most trendings and rising food business ideas right now. 

You can start this business with a minimum investment.  You need a vehicle and food items for setting up this business. It’s a  cost-effective and profitable business as people already love it. 

The best thing about this business is that it offers you the flexibility to visit different locations. You need to pick the best and delicious food items to sell on your food truck. 

Juice shop


People are now becoming much aware and alert about their health. They drink fresh fruit juices as they are aware of the health benefits associated with juices.

You can set up a juice shop where you can sell a wide variety of fresh juices, sometimes served with different flavors of ice-cream scoops. You can set up this shop near market places, busy streets, college and school campuses, where a broad audience can spot them.

So out of all these Food Businesses That You Can Start With Minimum Investment, which one you’re going to set up?

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