Life Lessons Learnt From A. R. Rahman: Defining Real Success 

A.R. Rahman is not only a legendary musician but also a great person who has always been an inspiration for everyone. He is a  person who believes in working hard towards his dream. From being an ordinary boy who played piano to support his family to a phenomenal music composer, his journey has truly defined the real meaning of struggle and success.


A.R Rahman has always influenced us with his words. Be it any interview or his twitter posts, he never fails in delivering life lessons for us. Here are some of the teachings inspired by the legend:-

  • Modesty Lies Above Everything:-

A.R Rahman has always been a down to earth person. He believes that being Humble is the least a person can do to be a good human. He never got carried away with the stardom he has achieved. For him, simplicity is the key and this is what separates the real gem of the industry from others.

  • Always Be Respectful To All:-

Rahman always respects and admires every person he meets. He has mentioned in a lot of interviews that he is too picky about people and mostly gets impressed by the people who respect others. He also considers his mother to be the main reason for his success. He has always shown us that to earn the respect you should first respect others.blank

  • Kindness Is What Makes Us Human:-

He is not only a great music composer and singer but also a great human. He practices kindness daily and doesn’t even like to talk much about it. He performs a lot of charity works and does donations frequently for various welfare programs and trusts. He encourages people to spread happiness and positivity by being kind simply. Rahman always respects and admires every person he meets.

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words:-

There is a famous saying that ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ and A.R Rahman surely justifies it. He has always believed in being a determined and dedicated musician and even after receiving so many awards and recognitions he doesn’t openly praise himself. He says that it is important for a person to be passionate about his goals and let their success speak for them. He also feels that quality wins over quantity and what he delivers is much more important for him than how much he delivers.blank

  • Never Impose Your Choices on Others:-

Rahman is a strong believer that one should not force their choices on others. He believes in the power of freedom and liberty. He thinks that a person should be passionate about whatever he does and no one has the right to stop him from that. He teaches us that everyone has the right to be who they wish to be.

A.R Rahman has recorded songs of every genre. Each of his compositions surely defines him and the purity of his soul. In this world where people get lost when they get glamour, Rahman has always surprised us with his groundedness and authenticity.blank

His soulful songs touch our hearts the way his smile does and that’s why he is a true legend. Wishing him many more years of success on his Birthday.

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