Remembering Mansoor Pataudi And The Personality Traits Given By Him To Saif Ali Khan

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was former Indian cricketer, and, is also known as one of the ‘Greatest Captains of India’. He was also titled as “best fielder in the world” during his time. Even after loss of his right eye in an car accident, he continued playing cricket and appeared in 46 Test Matches for India and even scored six Test Centuries.blank

Here are some Personality Traits of Saif Ali Khan which resemble with the Great ‘Tiger Pataudi’

  • It is well known to everybody that Mansoor Ali Khan was a very calm and quite person. This same quality can be seen in the Bollywood Actor Saif Ali Khan as well, as he also possess the quality of being cool all the time.
  • The former Nawab’s personality was so influential that it could draw anyone’s attention towards them without even doing any great effort and the same trait can also be seen in Saif Ali Khan who attracts everyone with his positive vibes and genuine smile.


  • Pataudi was always disciplined and focused towards his works. He was also a multitalented person. There is no doubt in admitting that Saif Ali Khan received these qualities from his father.
  • He loved travelling and exploring life. He could also motivate anyone with his kind words and positive aura. The same attribute can be seen in his son Saif Ali Khan who too loves trying new things and exploring world. Even a lot of Bollywood Celebs have admitted that Saif Ali Khan has motivated and inspired them during their tough times.blankNawab Pataudi has always been an inspiration to everyone. Whether it be his Cricket Field or his love life, he has always lived as a real prince. He was always committed to his goals setting new highs for everyone.

blankSaif Ali Khan has told many a times that he would love to see a movie based on the life of his Father. So, is Bollywood up to making a new biographical sports drama which also has a taste of India at the time of Independence or do Cricket Fans need to wait for it more? What are your views upon it?

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