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Bounty on KRK’s Head! Receiving Death Threats from Bollywood

Kamal Rashid Khan, one of the most popular leaders of a boycott Bollywood gang is dealing with some serious issues right now.

Through his tweets, the critic recently explained how he is receiving death threats from Bollywood stars. He claimed that they put a bounty on his head.

Best Scene of 2008-KRK in Deshdrohi on Make a GIF

KRK even said that they’ll kill me just like they kill Sushant Singh Rajput. Although, no one takes him seriously, but still I bet you’ll enjoy reading his tweets.

KRK Accussing Bollywood of Giving Him Death Threats

KRK tweeted the post on 18th December and wrote in a way of answering Bollywood stars for giving him death threats. However, he didn’t mention anyone’s name. Here’s the tweet:

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Thereafter, the social media critic dragged Sushant Singh Rajput into it. He said Bollywood is going to kill him as they did Sushant. Here’s the tweet:

Later, KRK pointed out the people who are giving him threatening calls in his tweets. He said one actor, one politician and one police officer are involved in this. Check out here:

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KRK Controversy With Pathaan

KRK has been tracking every move of Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone since the release of Pathaan’s teaser.

He is commenting on everything they say or they do. So, if my prediction is right, he is going to place Shahrukh Khan’s name into the slot of an actor (people who are giving him threatening calls).

Here are his previous tweets regarding Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Pathaan:

These tweets are pointing out SRK’s statements at Kolkata Film Festival. Apart from them, he also commented on Deepika’s outfit in Beshram Rang song.

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