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Kerala ‘Human Sacrifice’ Case Revealed Shocking Things About the Master Mind

The brutal case of human sacrifice and cannibalism is reported in Kerela. It is shocking to know that people still adhere to superstitions in this technologically advanced age.

How a normal-looking well-educated couple can be brainwashed?

Bhagaval Singh, a 60-year-old traditional healer, social worker, and poet along with his wife Laila committed a brutal crime of human sacrifice.

This normal-looking couple living in Elthnoor village of Pathanamthitta district was arrested on October 11 for killing two women.

The Whole Story Behind Human Sacrifice in Kerala
kerala cannabilsm case

According to Kerala police, the saga started with Laila, the wife of Bhagaval Singh.

The wife of 68-year-old Singh came across a Facebook post that said “ those who are interested in prosperous life”

After going through the post Bhagwal Singh received a friend request with the username “ Sreedevi” who said she is a fan of Haiku poetry.

They started chatting frequently. After a few days, Sreedevi told him to take the help of ‘Sidan’ an occult practitioner named Rasheed to gain a huge amount of wealth.

Later they got to know that ‘Sreedevi’ was a fake id by none other than Rasheed alias Mohammed Shafi. Soon they started meeting each other at their home in Eltanthoor.

Police stated Rasheed started his plan by convincing the couple that he need to have sex with Laila in the presence of Singh to gain vast wealth.

Later he convinced Singh and his wife to perform a human sacrifice to wash their sins and have a huge amount of wealth and money.

Victim of Cannibalism in Kerala

kerala human sacrifice victim

On June 6 they made a plan to sacrifice their first victim Roselin. The trio killed the victim and stabbed her in her private parts.

Spread her blood in their home to purify it and cut her body into 56 pieces. After performing the ritual and eating her flesh they buried her body in the backyard.

3 months after Roselin’s sacrifice, the couple asked Rasheed why they are not getting any wealth. The 52-year-old sadist and rapiest told them they have to perform this practice again.

On September 26 the trio again plan to commit this brutal crime and targeted their second victim Padma.

The prompt missing person’s complaint filed by the sister of the second victim on September 26, the day she was killed, brought the trio into police custody.

The investigation started and led police to the accused. Soon they confessed their crime and showed the chopped pieces of women’s bodies.

Mastermind Behind the Human Sacrifice Case in Kerala
kerala human sacrifice accused'

The mastermind behind the brutal crime of ‘Human Sacrifice’ of two women is 52-year-old Rasheed.

He is a sexual pervert, sadist, and criminal who committed many crimes before.

Rasheed has around 10 cases against him in the last 15 years. From the rape case of a 52-year-old woman who had severe injuries on her private part to a case of simple theft.

Shafi will be subjected to a Physiological examination, city police commissioner C Nagaraju said.

kerala human sacrifice

In his order, Judicial Magistrate Eldos Mathew said,

“Even (though) the spirit of our Constitution is to promote scientific temper, modern scientific tools like Facebook, mobile phones, and YouTube are being used for spreading our weird beliefs, superstitions, rituals, etc. In effect, when science and technology lead our society towards progress and development, such regressive acts backtrack the society.”


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