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It’s Never Too Late

We all live in a society which has limited us in age limits, By 23, we should complete our education, by 25 we should get a job and settle down, till 30 we should get married. But is it feasible for everyone? And not only society but sometimes we also restrain ourselves for some reason or the other giving excuses and limit our growth. Well everyone has their own stories and it is not possible always to go according to societal norms and it is also agreed that all have their own problems but never think you are helpless or it’s too late to ameliorate anything and start all over again.

Sometimes, it is necessary to forgive yourself and restart everything without thinking about the consequences.

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Self-Development Never Ceases

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Well, we all are work-in-progress, it takes time to achieve something, so never be in a hurry to attain something. Give your hundred and one percent and work gradually on yourself, then only you will achieve anything in the right way. You are never too late to improve yourself, and if you regret later that you have not rectified your mistake which was possible to you, it will lead to intense suffering.

You are never too late to attain a new degree or Complete Education

Its never Too Late

Doesn’t matter whether you are in your late 20s or 30s or 40s, if you think you need to obtain a new degree or complete your education or learn a new skill, go for it confidently. No need to think about what people will say or anyone will make fun of it, you just need to work on yourself and reach the heights.

It’s never too late to start a career of your own choice

Its Never Too Late
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You are never too old to choose the career which you actually want. If you are not happy with your current boring job, it will affect your whole life and you will always feel frustrated, unhappy and depressed, so it’s better to change the career and live your life fully. If you have seen Bollywood Movie Tamasha, at the end of a movie there is a monologue of Ranbir in which he says about himself to his family, “Isne bhi engineering, Management, sb Kiya…and then says attained a monotonous machine life by doing all the boring jobs, and then “Marr gya, toh kase lagi kahani,  ending achi nhi hai, to kya hua change kr dete hai apni hi kahani hai”. And then he became a story teller in the end of the movie, we can also learn from it, and never let our fears and insecurities restrict us.

No matter whether you want to start your own business or want to become an actor, or start any off-beat career, come out of your comfort zone and start your new career, you will actually feel gratified.

There is never too Late to Live the Life in a way You Want

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It is necessary to rejuvenate yourself, re-invent your life, Analyze yourself and start all over again. Change your routine, learn new hobbies, new activities. If you are not happy by the way you are living your life just transform it. Try to understand where the change is required, explore yourself and everything in Life. Face the evils of yourself, never late uncertainties, worries, or any of your negative feeling restrict you.

Lastly, it’s the self-satisfaction you should seek for, No Age or Time Limit

Its Never Too Late
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If you feel something is right, take a stand for it, for eg, if you think you are not ready for marriage and you are 27, say NO right away, don’t have this “Rog of Kyaa Kahenge Log”. Because after that if you face some problems, this society will not come to protect you. Don’t fear to take decisions because self-satisfaction should be your main priority, just believe in yourself. Never hinder your growth by having age limits in mind, your increasing age gives you experience not embarrassment.




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