Is Facebook Changing Its Name Soon? Here’s What We Know So Far

Facebook, a brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, is on the verge of erasing its long-term brand identity very soon. According to a report in Verge, the social media giant will present itself as more than just an online platform that connects users worldwide in its annual Connect Conference.

It aims to rebrand the company and focus more on metaverse which is a virtual space to facilitate communication between different devices and users across the world. This comes up at a time when Facebook is facing hardship in the US for tech regulations.

What Did Mark Say On Changing Facebook’s Name?

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Though the news of changing the name of Facebook is still a rumor, users can expect some changes within the next week. On the other hand, a spokesperson from the company has denied commenting further on it.

These speculations are a result of the company’s heavy interest and investment in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. But Mark is a bit serious about these two popular technologies and aims to hire thousands of tech experts and employees to support his metaverse dream.

According to Reuter, the company will give employments to 10,000 people across the EU in the next 5 years. Facebook already has developed a gaming platform that works on VR technology in name of Horizon re-named as Horizon Worlds.

What Is Facebook’s Metaverse?

Metaverse is speculated to be the mega-phase of the internet where users can escape the real world and be in a virtual world. It’s not something that exists since long but tech giants hope one day it would.


It’s just the beginning for Facebook and Metaverse will soon evolve over the internet. The concept was first introduced by a novelist Neal Stephenson who takes a keen interest in science, fiction, and mathematics. He is one of the popular American writers and looks like his new virtual space has a huge influence on Mark.

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“We are really doubling down in this area,” said Zuckerberg during an interview with The Verge. Let’s wait for the Connect Conference where tech experts, developers, and brilliant minds will connect together to discuss possibilities on AR/VR.

Interested ones can watch the live event on Facebook on 28th October 2021.

Read full report by The Verge here

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