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Is Baking Possible Without Butter? 5 Healthy Substitutes For Butter

Nothing is better than baking when it comes to the therapeutic works of the kitchen. Moreover, due to Coronavirus lockdown, more and more people involved in baking. The sweet taste of that baked pastry, just out of the oven, loaded with butter. But consuming too much butter can obviously add those extra kilos that you loose through the workout. Thus, it is recommended that you avoid the consumption of too much butter. However, you are thinking of how baking is possible without butter? Well, here we listed out a few substitutes for butter that you can use to make baked goods.

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Apple Sauce:

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Basically, apple sauce is considered to be the best substitute for oil in recipes. So, why not use this as an alternative to butter? Well, it works great for cookies and cake-like recipes. Use half the amount of apple sauce instead of the whole amount of butter that recipe demands to avoid those extra kilos. You can replace all the butter with apple sauce in the recipe if you want a dense, moist cake.


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Mashed avocados are the best alternative to butter for baking loaves of bread and cookies. Here the method of using mashed avocado is also as same as apple sauce. You can substitute half of the butter with the avocado mash in the recipe. Apart from reducing the calorie content, it provides softness and moisture to baking goods.

Canola Oil:

Via: healthline.com

Oil considered to be the best substitute if the recipe requires melted butter. So, why not to replace butter with canola oil in a recipe. Although canola oil also packed with calories, it compensates for cholesterol, sodium, and lower saturated fat. So, use this oil in baking recipes and get new experience.

Prune Puree:

Via: healthline.com

It is known for its low –fat, low calories properties, and that’s why many people use it as the best alternative to butter. Sure, With Prune Puree, you can easily replace the whole amount of butter that the recipe requires. You can either prepare it at home or bought ready-made puree from the market. Moreover, it works well with the recipes that contain cinnamon and chocolate.


Via: medicalnewstoday.com

With yogurt, you can replace more than half the amount of butter. It is perfect for cookies and allows you to reduce the amount of saturated fat and calories in recipes. You can do a new experiment with yogurt in baking recipes as the amount of yogurt depends on the consistency and taste you want.

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To conclude, these are the best and effective substitutes for butter while baking. So, replace these ingredients with butter and get healthy baking!

So, which one ingredient do you prefer?

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