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iOS Update: iPhone 5G Finally Arrived!!

Apple iOS has finally put an end to the long-lasting discussion over the 5G network. iOS launched an update for iPhone users to upgrade the system to iOS 16.2. After this, the phone will finally be able to operate with 5G networks. Although the 5G connections are available with two sim networks in India including Airtel and Jio.

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iPhone 5G Update
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Users with Apple devices are already getting notified to update their system or check for any notification that would allow them to upgrade the system to iOS 16.2 version. This will allow them to connect their devices to the 5G network from the Apple phones. Users with Airtel and Jio networks can have access to 5G services. Moreover, the users don’t need to worry if they have an existing 4G plan on their Airtel or Jio sim network.

iPhone version that will support 5G network

The update will not be available for all the Apple devices as older devices won’t be able to upgrade to iOS 16.2. The update is basically available only for iPhone 12 or any other device that was launched after iPhone 12 including  13, 14 and SE versions that were released in the year 2022.

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Here’s a full list of devices that can redeem 5G services:

iPhone 12 iPhone 14
 12 Mini  14 Plus
 12 Pro Max 14 Pro
iPhone 13 14 Pro Max
13 Mini SE (2022 Release)
13 Pro Max


iPhone iOS 16.2: How to Update to 5G

iPhone 5G Update

Apple users have to go the Setting>General option where they will find an option to update the iOS version to version 16.2. Soon after the update the device will restart and the 5G services will be activated into the device. The network automatically switch from LTE to 5G whenever the network is available. This would also help in battery consumption.


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