Save Money & Environment!!! Switch To Sustainable Fashion Brands

Being a consumer, we aim for more at less price but this harms the environment more than we think. Thanks to Petagonia and Esprit to introduce the ill effect of fashion industry on environment and showing us a path of sustainable clothing. Today, there are hundreds of sustainable fashion brands across the globe and more will be there in near future.

India is also walking on the same path keeping the industrial challenges and consumer behavior in mind. Still, many are unaware of this new normal of fashion industry making it even more challenging for the brands to survive in the market.

To bridge this gap, we have come up with a list of few best brands that focus on producing eco-friendly clothing.

India’s Leading Sustainable Fashion Brands 

Vegan Fashion- Mio Borsa

Don’t just go vegan in your food choices, adopt vegan fashion. Mio Borsa is pioneer in producing vegan accessories. They use pinnatex which is a fiber made from the pineapple leaf.

This textile material is however not fully biodegradable but under industrial controlled parameters, they can be decomposed quickly. It is a new alternative of leather.

Mio Borsa use this ecofriendly material to create chic bags that suits to every occasion. They are stylish, spacious, and affordable.

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Timeless Fashion Brand “Maati” By Neha Kabra

Each piece by Maati is simple, unique, nature-friendly, comfy, and stylish. They have a something for everyone from tops, accessories, bottoms, to rugs.

Organic Fashion: InSom

Fashion industry produces more waste than clothing and around 5.2% landfills worldwide comes from this industry. Most of these waste is non-biodegradable and remains in earth for around 200 years.

Switching to organic and re-cyclable clothing can reduce these figures. InSom is one of the India’s zero-waste production brands that works on the concept of recycling.

All the clothes are stylish, cozy but quite expensive as well.

Cannabis Fashion: B Label

B Label uses the strongest natural fibre to produce exotics range of clothes. Each garment is made with hemp fibre that comes from the cannabis plant. And not just they invest in garment manufacturing, but their fashion formula includes educate, cultivate, and elevate.

They are merging the agricultural industry with textile thus creating sustainable opportunities for everyone.


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Birla Cellulose: LIVA

LIVA is a sustainable fashion brand of the Aditya Birla Group which is introducing a new trend in the textile and apparel industry of India. It uses VSF or viscose staple fibre (artificial cotton fibre)to create fluid, comfy, and breathable men and women wears.


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No Nasties, Mix Mitti, Renge, and Tamarind Chutney are few more brands bringing a revolutionary change in the India’s fashion industry and market. Be a part of this revolution and make your shopping worthy by switching to this new norm of industry.

Buy, Wear, And Save Environment With Sustainable Fashion!!!




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