Too Much Creativity! 8 Bizarre Fashion Trends That Take Guts To Wear In Public

Have your ever made everyone’s head turn towards you? Well, a beautiful dress with right pair of footwear and make up can do that. You don’t even need that to grab everyone’s attention by the way. These weird fashion trends are enough to let everyone stare at you but we bet you don’t want to follow those trends.

8 Bizarre Fashion Trends That Are Not At All Inspiring 

1. Denim Flip Flops

denim flip flops

Denim is the first choice when it comes to jeans but now you can also wear denim flip flops to make it a perfect match. And guess what, they have pockets as well so that you can hide the secret stuff.

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2. Plastic Jeans

plastic knee patches jeans
via: themarysue

Ripped jeans is quite a strange fashion trend but slowly people are liking this trend. Still there are some who hate the idea of wearing ripped jeans. If that seems weird to you as well then this one is a real disaster or maybe you like it.

At least, it’s better to wear one with plastic patches then those who looks like a torn outfit.

3. Sock Or Sandals? 

latex sock sandals
via: footwearnews

How do you wear sandals? With or Without socks? If you choose the first one then don’t waste money on buying a pair of socks. Get this latex sock sandals by Gucci.

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4. Get Into The Hoof’s Shoes

weird fashion trends
via: beautytipsforministers

What if one day you woke up and found that your feet turned into hoof’s feet..Kidding! But, this shoe designer has made it possible. It’s weird but great for some fun and to surprise your friends.

5. Ripped Stockings

ripped tights

This one is definitely weird. Ripped stockings, literally.. who would buy it? I bet even you don’t want to waste money on this bizarre stockings. But, it’s good as well. In case your old stockings have holes or ripped from one side then you don’t have to replace them. It’s in trend after all.

6. Symmetry Is Not Everything 

asymmetrical jeans
via: today

Jeans come in all shapes and sizes including the asymmetrical one. One-leg fits perfectly while the other is lose, maybe nobody would choose. Who would go so far just to follow the trend? At least not me.

7. Waterproof Skirts

plastic skirt

Okay! We can guess the purpose of designing skirt using a plastic. Maybe the designer wants to make something that we can wear during rain. Would you wear it?

8. DeBoots

denim jeans boots

First flip flops, now boots. Look like denim fits to everything, isn’t it? It’s available in thigh-length and full-length both. What do you prefer?

These 8 weird fashion trends are definitely strange and creative too but who would wear it in public, would you?

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