India: ISRO opens its first center for human spaceflight


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) inaugurated Human Space Flight Centre (HSFC), a center devoted to human spaceflight.

While other countries are so far running programs for crewed spaceflights, is the initial facility in India to be given away to human spaceflight.

The Human Space Flight Centre is placed at the ISRO Headquarter campus in Bengaluru. During the commencement on January 30, 2019, a full-scale crew model of Gaganyaan, crewed orbital vehicle, was also released.

As ISRO notes on its website, the HSFC shall be responsible for implementation of Gaganyaan Project which involves end-to-end mission planning, development of engineering systems for crew survival in space, crew selection and training. The center will also pursue activities for sustained human space flight missions.

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Gaganyaan is being created to carry three individuals into the orbit. It is set up to fly in December 2020 in unpiloted form. A crewed mission is expected to be scheduled a year later.