China puts pressure on India- Wants India to join OBOR project


    China is continuously putting pressure on India. Chinese want that India should also participate in international Conference on its one belt.

    Silk Road and one road programme  coming may after understanding that the OBOR idea showcasing is not enough only at chine-Pakistan economic corridor.


    This is the evident from so many comments from the Chinese experts and officials regarding Indian reluctance in order to join OBOR program. It involves making rail, port and road infrastructure connecting china throughout the world.


    Now a Chinese expert has accused India of taking “biased view” of the program. Lin Minwang, The expert also tried to shame India by citing few reports regarding Russia expressing Interest towards it.
    Via: Monthly Review

    New Delhi might even feel embarrassed as Moscow very actively responded to the OBOR and will build economic corridor along with Mongolia and China. As in the starting of the year, there have been few reports on Iran and Russia seeking to join CPEC, this is done to put India is a more awkward position.

    But, Russia has not author approved any specific program just for connecting with OBOR separately from making few statements regarding its interests.

    China expects heads at least of 15-20 countries to participate in OBOR conference. Especially Beijing wants India to take participation as it would make it a very attractive to other countries like South Asian Countries.