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In A Bizarre News: A Pigeon Enters A GoAir Plane, Flight Gets Delayed

In a piece of bizarre news, a pigeon checked in the plane that was flying from Ahmedabad to Jaipur. The GoAir plane was about to take off when the pigeon entered the cabin. As a result, the flight got delayed by 30 minutes.

The video was caught on camera here you will see how the pigeon tries to move from one corner to another. The flight number was flight G8702.

One of the passengers is even seen trying to catch the pigeon but failed to do so. After a few attempts they asked assistance from the Cabin crew. The pigeon was released out of the plane by opening on of the door of the GoAir flight.

This was an uncommon sight where a bird enters the cabin. However, there have been incidents where birds got sucked up in the engines leading to mishaps.

In this case, thankfully nothing happened to the flight or the passengers. The flight, however, got delayed by 30 minutes.

Credits: ABPNews


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