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Impact Player Rule In IPL 2023 Will Bring New Spice To Cricket! Sourav Ganguly Showed Excitement

Without any doubt, the IPL tournament is the most popular league in India. It has been over a decade since the league is providing thrill and excitement to its audience. Every year, it comes up with new surprises. But in 2023, it’s going to be very different as it introduces various rules that were unimaginable for us once.

And the new rule of ‘Impact Player’ is one of them. It was announced just before the mega auction organised in December 2022 and will debut with IPL 2023.

So, do you know, what this rule means? If not, read this blog till the end. It will provide you with every single piece of information about the ‘Impact Player rule.’ Scroll down to read more:

Check out the Impact Player rule book here:

  1. Teams have to introduce their five substitutes before the match starts
  2. How many roles can the Impact Player play in the game?
  3. What about the player who has been replaced?
  4. The Impact Player can enter the game at any point
  5. How will the captain introduce his Impact Player?
  6. The Impact Player should be an Indian

What Sourav Ganguly Said About The Impact Player Rule?

What Do You Mean By The Impact Player Rule?

Impact Player Rule
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First of all! The concept of the Impact Player has been stolen from other sports, such as basketball, football, baseball, rugby, etc. The rule says that the teams can substitute one player at any point throughout the game. And the best part is that he is authorised to play every role in the game as the main player.

If we think deeply about this, it will change various things in the strategies of cricket. The captain can maintain the perfect balance between the batsman and the bowlers, can make his strategies with 12 players, and much more.

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But just like every rule in the world, it also has various limitations along with the perks. So, check out all the pros and cons of the Impact Player rule in IPL 2023 down here:

1. Teams Have to Introduce Their Five Substitutes Before The Match Starts

IPL 2023
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As the legacy of cricket, every team announces its playing XI just after the toss. But from now on, the team also have to introduce their five substitutes along with the Playing XI. Thereafter, the team can pull in any one of them at any point during the game.

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2. How Many Roles Can The Impact Player Play In The Game?

IPL 2023
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Under this new rule, the Impact Player is free to play any role in the match. If he is a batsman, he is allowed to bat at any position. However, the team should remember that only 11 players can get batting. If a substitute gets replaced, he can’t go back in the entire match.

On the other hand, if the substitute is a bowler, he has all four overs in his hand, no matter when he enters the game. For example, if a player enters the game after half innings, he can still bowl his maximum overs. And for all-rounders, the way is open from everywhere. They can bat or bowl whenever they want.

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3. What About The Player Who Has Been Replaced?

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It is one of the biggest disadvantages of the Impact Player rule. If a player has been replaced with a substitute, he is no longer authorised to take a further part in the game. He can’t even come as a substitute fielder.

4. The Impact Player Can Enter The Game At Any Point

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As I said before, the captain can bring a substitute player at any point during the match. But still, there are some rules the captain has to keep in mind. The team can only bring the Impact Player at the following stages:

  1. Before the inning starts
  2. After an over
  3. When the team losses a wicket
  4. If the batsman retires

Note: In case, the bowling side introduces the substitute between the over, he is not allowed to continue the remaining balls. It is not allowed in even the case of injury.

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5. How Will The Captain Introduce His Impact Player?

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To introduce the Impact Player, the captain have to inform one of the field umpires. He will make a signal by crossing his hands above his head to announce the replacement of the player.

6. The Impact Player Should Be An Indian

IPL 2023
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The captain of the team should also remember that the Impact Player should be an Indian. As per the overseas player rule, no Playing XL can carry more than four overseas players. So, to maintain this thing in the game, only Indian players are allowed to be Impact players.

However, if a Playing XI contains only three overseas players, then the team is allowed to bring in an overseas player as a substitute.

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What Sourav Ganguly Said About The Impact Player Rule?

Sourav Ganguly
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Sourav Ganguly, former Indian cricketer and Delhi Capitals (DC) Director of Cricket, recently opened up his views about the Impact Player rule.

He said, “‘Impact Player’ is new so let’s see how it works. All of us are excited and want to know how to get the best out of it. All-rounders will remain. I don’t think ‘Impact Player will reduce all-rounders. Being an all-rounder is about ability”

We hope you find this information useful. Stay tuned to Stackumbrella for further updates.

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