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Secret to Travel Your Dream Destinations Without Money is Right Here!!!

Who needs lump sum money to travel when you can explore your dream destinations for free? We will tell you here how you can do it for real

How to travel for free? Is it something possible in today’s era of inflation and especially when the tourism sector in many countries is still in the recovery phase?

Yes! Of Course, it is possible.

After all, we need recovery too from the monotonous job, a load of responsibilities, and atrocious life.

Breathtaking and unusual destinations around the world can break this circle and lead us to a new vision, and new life.

how to travel for free

However, budget can be the only restriction because not everyone saves big which means not everyone can afford the big fat vacation trip.

Hell Yeah!!!

Vacations are not only for rich people, isn’t it? Plus when there are ample ways to travel without spending your lifetime earnings, you can afford a dream trip too.

Here are the secret travel hacks.

How to Travel for Free Around the World?

Secret No. 1- Connect with Couchsurfers


Couchsurfing is one of the best ways to travel the world for free and get free accommodation and food as well.

Those who are unaware of what Couchsurfing is should know that it is a network of hosts who are willing to let you stay in their home.

For many, it might not seem like a safe and comfortable idea, but that goes well if you follow all the safety tips for Couchsurfing.

How does it work?

  1. Go to couchsurf.com and make your profile first
  2. Share a bit about yourself before your start searching for the hosts
  3. Search hosts as per your destination and travel details
  4. Submit a couch request to a selected host. You can add filters to get the desired results as per language, gender, and other criteria
  5. You will get notified once the host accepts your request.

Tip Personalize your Couchsurfing request and try to be polite while connecting with the host.

Secret No. 2- Try WWOOFing Around the World

travel for free around the world

WWOOFing is a secret for free voyages. One can travel across 130 countries and save thousands of dollars a year.

But as they say, nothing comes for free, you can’t grab this opportunity for anything.

You need to work as farm labor for the WWOOF country you picked as a travel destination.

As a paycheck, you will get free accommodation, food, and experience in organic farming Also, a chance to make new friends in a foreign land.

How does it work?

  1. Go to WWOOF.net and become a member
  2. Pick the country you wish to travel to for free ( For example Spain, the US, Turkey, Mexico, or India)
  3. Create a profile and pay the annual membership fee
  4. Explore a suitable host from the list of participating farms
  5. Contact the host and tell them when you are traveling

A bonus tip! Do check the travel routes; keep a backup option in case things don’t go well.

About WWOOFWorldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, that’s what it stands for.

It is a global community that aims to raise awareness of sustainable farming practices.

Secret No. 3- Become a Petsitter

petsitting for travelers

Love pets? Yes, this means you can have access to enchanted islands around the world for free.

Lots of pet sitter service providers are willing to connect pet owners and travelers looking for a free stay so that both get benefits.

Just, pick the right platform, tell them what kind of pet sitter you are, get some positive reviews, and find a pet owner at your preferred destination.

Best Petsitting Sites- Trusted housesitter, Nomador.com, HouseCarers.com

[Note- Travelers have to pay an annual membership fee for using these websites.]

Secret No. 4- Get Paid for Traveling

companies that pay to travel

Why work 9 to 5 and travel only once a year in name of vacations when you can be a full-time traveler?

There are tons of companies that give paid vacations. A few company offer coupons to their employees for spending a vacation.

Diverbo, Adventure Work, One Life Adventures, and many more are such dream companies of hodophiles.

Secret No.5- Volunteer Around India

how to travel for free in India

Well, you don’t have to switch between destinations every now and then just to renew your experience.

Come to India and stay as long as you want either for free or at a little cost.

India offers a host of free volunteering opportunities at tourist hotspots like Spiti, Uttarakhand, Assam, Ladakh, etc.

What kind of work you’d do?

  • Eco-farming
  • Giving yoga classes
  • Teaching underprivileged children
  • Rescuing street animal

This is a good chance to make your trip to India more meaningful and budget-friendly.

These secrets are money savers for every travel enthusiast. However, they must afford the cost of traveling to their desired destination.

You can save here too if you keep an eye on the best airline deals or know trips and tricks for booking cheap flights. Or travel to visa-free countries only.

Final Words

how to travel free

Traveling is like a new morning to your boring life or fuel for your creative mind. It is an experience that stays longer than you.

So, whenever you get an opportunity to discover the other side of the world, don’t ditch it for money.

Travel the world for free!!!

And now you know how to be a smart explorer.

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