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Want To Have a Good Kidney Health In Monsoon ? Try These Tips And Tricks To Ease Risks

The monsoon season in India is a welcome change from the sweltering summer but brings along its own health challenges and the combination of the change in temperature and humidity, combined with dampness in our environment, increases the risk of infections.

Infections that occur in India commonly are due to contamination of food and water like typhoid, acute gastroenteritis, hepatitis A, E, and those transmitted by vectors including malaria, leptospirosis, and dengue.

Tips to prevent viral infections that may cause serious kidney diseases in Monsoon

These are the tips that can prevent viral infections that can cause kidney diseases

1. Food and water contamination

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During the sticky circumstances in the rainstorm because of clamminess, flooding of roads, and stopping up of seepage frameworks, there is a high probability of water tainting raising the gamble of food and water-borne ailment in monsoon.

Effective protective measures include:

– Hand hygiene washing with soap and water

– Drinking boiled water or bottled water

2. Fruits


Organic products would have potential advantages including mitigating activities yet be judicious to abstain from eating pre-cut organic products during the rainstorm season. Guarantee natural products are washed well in water and the skin is chimed. Pick among what is accessible in your district among plums, litchis, and pomegranates.

3. Caution for diabetics

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Patients with diabetes and kidney diseases will benefit from appropriate control of blood sugar to minimize the chances of developing any infection and even if it occurs, the severity remains mild.

4. Physical activities

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Outdoor activities are either unsafe or impossible during the monsoon season. Subsequently strolling, running, running or cycling are not choices for most people. Yoga or other exercises that can be done at home help us build strength, flexibility, and overall health.

5. Access to medicine

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During unremitting downpours, patients might find it hard to buy meds from drug stores. Lack of supply can result in medication noncompliance, which in turn can lead to inadequate disease control and potential complications.

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