5 Tech Fields Promising Lucrative Careers To IT Professionals In 2021

Learning is a never-ending process and it doesn’t matter whether you are a tech-professional or work in a non-tech area you have to keep yourself updated and upgraded. But, technology evolves faster than other skills and the moment you master one skill, a new set of skill become a trend. The good thing is that IT skills never fade away completely thus there are always better jobs for IT professionals.

Some roles are, however, more demanding and can multifold your value in the industry. Here is a list of top technical trends in 2021 that promises a lucrative career, better pay, and secure future.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

technical skills in demand

The world is soon going to be a robotic hub where humans would be less dependent on each other and more on robots. That day is not too far as from factories to restaurants and e-commerce industries; all are including chatbots to Humanoids for faster, efficient, and 24×7 functionality. This has raised the demand for more and more AI-operated bots.

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Thus, learning AI and Machine learning languages are very fruitful for students who are planning to step into the IT industry. Programming languages like Python, LISP, R, Java, and signal processing techniques, algorithms, tensor flow, and knowledge of neural networks are important.

Blockchain Technology


Blockchain offers you two different career options, either become a core blockchain developer or a blockchain software developer, both are highly in demand. However, the two differs in the term of responsibilities where core developers work on the security system and architecture. On the other hand, software developers create smart contracts, dapps, and other applications as per the architecture of the blockchain system.

Their responsibility is not limited to the development, debugging, handling UI, and creating the database are also included. Salaries are not barred for the skilled and experienced developer so get hands-on experience in these demanding skills.


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Phishing, ransomware attacks, Deepfakes, cryptojacking, and many more security threats have raised the cyberattacks, and India alone is facing the rise by 300% as per CERT report of 2020. Even tech giants like Apple have faced malware attacks several times, recent being Silver Sparrow that affected 30,000 Mac devices. So, one can never overlook the importance of cybersecurity and it will always be top technical trend.

Reverse engineering, firewall administration, and application designing are the 3 crucial technical skills to become a cybersecurity analyst. Certifications like CEH, CISSP, and learning of SEIM tools, penetrating testing software, and many more will upgrade your knowledge.

AR and Virtual Reality

technical skills in demand

Augmented Reality and VR is the future and IT professionals should be ready with skills in JavaScript, Java, UI/UX, 3D programming, CAD, and more. For upgrading in this field, professionals should be skilled in Python, Swift, sound designing, and more.

Cloud Computing

Traditional on-premises servers have limited capacity and with growing services rise in storage is also increasing. Cloud computing allows using the internet as a service and replaces the need for physical servers with internet servers that can be used for tasks like storage, networking, virtual computing, and more.

cloud computing

Microsoft Azure is one popular platform for accessing the three models of cloud computing that are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. In other words, you can provide Infrastructure, Platforms, and Software as a service from remote areas.

More than 90 percent of global organizations are shifting to cloud computing thus the technical skills like Linux, SQL, Azure skills, and many more are in demand.

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