First Movie In Space: Russian-Film Crew Take Off In Musk’s Space X

Russia is always first when it comes to space adventure. Whether it’s the first dog, man, or woman in space, all the titles go to the world’s largest country. It is making another history with “The Challenge”– the first movie in space.

How would they make it happen and who all will be going to space? Read to know the details.

Know The Cast And Crew Of the First Movie In Space

first movie in space

Actress Yulia Pereslid will be the first actress in the world to do such a project. Yulia is an award-winning actress and has done movies like The Bride, The Edge, Cold Tango, I Am A Teacher, and many more. She received the Best Actress Award in 2015 at BRICS.

The film is directed by Russian director Klim Shipenko who will do all the lighting, makeup, and sound recording, and camera work there.

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Watch The Cast Flying To Space 

Yulia, Shipenko, and their guide Anton Shkaplerov, who is a trained and experienced cosmonaut, will be part of the crew. All the three dressed up in the space suits blasted off in the Soyuz Rocket from International Space Station on Tuesday at 4:55 a.m EST.

Their journey from Earth to Space lasted only three hours against the typical duration of 8-12 hours. Unlike other space adventures by Jeff and Richard, the film crew will stay longer in space. They will return on 17th October after shooting the movie scenes.

Both director and actress were trained for their first flight. Sharing the experience of training, Yulia said “It was psychologically, physically and morally hard.”

About The Movie- “The Challenge’

first movie in space

The movie is a story of a surgeon who goes to space to save a life of a cosmonaut. Yulia will be in the lead role whereas director Klim has chosen a real-life cosmonaut for it. Novitsky, the Russian cosmonaut, who is already in space for 6 months, will be seen in the movie.

This is, however, not the first time when any director has expressed the desire for such a project. Tom Cruise was supposed to be the first actor to hop on Musk’s SpaceX.

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