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Tesla To Launch Robo Slaves, Elon Musk Reveals On AI Day

When Musk launched self-driving cars in the market, everyone thought what’s next? The company’s CEO gave a hint about its future projects on Tesla’s AI Day. Elon Musk has something bigger and high-tech for the world that can have a dual impact on the human’s future.

The company is making Robo slaves. Yes, you read it right. After self-driving cars, Musk is all set to introduce a prototype of the Tesla bot by the next year. Scroll up to know further about these humanoids, what they would be made to do, and other important announcements.

What Is Tesla AI Day?

elon musk's ai day

Thursday, 19th August was the big day for the company and its future projects based on artificial intelligence. The day was marked as AI Day where Elon Musk talked about future technology and projects.

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Major Highlights Of Elon Musk’s AI Day

The advanced supercomputer, Dojo, neural network issues, and new computer chip that would boost AI performance were part of the conversation. But the event’s highlight was the 5’8 inch humanoid that is still in making.

Tesla’s Robo Slaves

elon musk's ai day

Robot exactly at the average height of human weighing 150 pounds, dressed in a bodysuit with no actual facial features was discussed. This Tesla Bot would not be used to perform some of the toughest tasks like other robot makers aim for.

Rather, the bot will be used as assistance and will perform household chores. However, it is not majorly designed to serve as a waiter but to solve neural network problems.

Elon Musk said that it would be friendly and help humans in navigation offering them a choice of physical work. In other words, he would do things humans least like to do. He further said, a prototype is under development and will be unveiled next year i.e. 2022.

With AI Day, Elon Musk wants to show a different side of its company. He wants the world to see Tesla as more than just a self-driving car maker.

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D1 Chip

elon musk's ai day

Another major highlight of Tesla AI Day was D1- a chip that will power its supercomputer. The chip is developed with 7nm technology with on and off-chip bandwidth of 10TBps and 4TBps respectively.

Apart from D1, a training tile is also introduced during the Tesla AI Day. The tile will integrate multiple chips and makeup Dojo giving it a supercomputing power. It will be capable of computing 9 petaflops of data at the speed of 36 TBps.

On Elon Musk’s AI Day, the company’s head talked about an autopilot system for cars that will include a brain, a visual cortex, and a nervous system. Furthermore, they discussed computer vision problems.

During the event, Musk invited talented engineers to work on their future AI projects and finding solutions for neural network issues.

Watch the full event of Tesla AI Day here.

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