Suicide Machine ‘Sarco’ Gets Legal Approval In Switzerland For Painless Death

Technological inventions are for the betterment of humans but for the first time in the history of mankind a device is designed to make one’s death less painful. Dr. Philip Nitschke the director of Exit International, has created a euthanasia device aka suicide machine named Sarco.

The device has now passed legal scrutiny in Switzerland which will further allow people to choose death over the living. However, Sarco is said to be operative only for those suffering from locked-in syndrome. Here’s the first look of the euthanasia device

Now Death Is ‘Painless’ With Sarco- An Euthanasia Device

euthanasia device

The machine looks like a futuristic pod or coffin-shaped capsule filled with nitrogen gas. It works on the principle of hypoxia whereby the level of oxygen supply is reduced to the tissue level in the body which leads to death. The process is fast and not at all painful as reported in the Independent.

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Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland and so far around 1,300 people have died as per their wish. The country also has legal organizations that offer these kinds of services. Dignitas and Exit are the only two to get that status, one of which is run by Dr. Nitschke.

However, he is receiving criticism for the design and method used for euthanasia. The country may get more sarco by next year but it would cost more to the creators. As of now, only 2 prototypes are ready for use and the third is in the process. All three euthanasia devices are expected to be functional soon.

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