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Effective Tips For Managing Team Remotely Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The novel coronavirus outbreak is affecting health and wealth globally. The good part is that companies allowed work from home options to reduce the loss of both companies and employees. However, working from home is not that easy as it seems to freelancers.

Of course, now employees don’t have to wait for long in the traffic jams and can sleep a bit more. But they have to trade with their peace of being at home with office responsibilities. Individual employees can efficiently work with a little challenge, but team management while working from home is a more tedious task than before. Now, managers have to put extra effort into managing their team and take reports about the work while maintaining a personal life.

You can rely on our tips for successfully & effectively managing the team.

Managing A Team While Working From Home Is Easy Now

Effective Communication

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Team leaders and managers know the importance of communication very well, and its importance gets doubled when working from home. Since the employees are now working at the comfort of their home, then delays are normal. As a result, the project may not get complete before the deadline.

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Therefore, make sure that you don’t miss any channel of communication. Use social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp other than phone calls to ensure effective communication. The best way to ensure that your team complete work on time is to ask them to work at the same time. When they work at the same time, then it will be easy for them to answer your phone calls and communicate with other colleagues if any issue arises.

In addition to this, when you have an important message or announcement for the team, make use of conference calls or video calls. Technology has opened many gates for the corporate world, so use them wisely.

Don’t Forget The Feedback

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Regular feedback about the task is critical to ensure that work goes in the flow as per the instructions. Also, it will let the employees know where they have to make improvements and changes. Timely feedback also ensures that the task or project is as per the client’s requirement and will be available to them on or before the deadlines.

Regular Updates

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Don’t just take feedback but also receive updates from each member of the team. You can text them personally or update them in the group. However, if the team is working from home on big projects, then break it down into achievable goals.

Working on small goals is more comfortable and will give them some time to spend with your family as well. This also ensures that your team is going on the right track. It also works as a motivation for colleagues when working from home.


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Team management, while working from home, also requires flexibility. Since you are now not physically available, thus managing the micro things might not be possible. Everyone may come with some kind of excuse for not doing the job on time. Keep patience and try to understand their problems.

However, ensure that your employees don’t take it as an excuse to escape from work.
Managing a team while working from home is not difficult, but it requires more patience and concentration. Use these tips and stay productive during these intense situations amid coronavirus.

But don’t forget to stay safe!

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