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Earth Just Got Lucky To Be Saved By This Fast Moving 269-Feet Long Asteroid

A fast-moving asteroid 2002 JR100 which was 269 feet long came very close to Earth today. Fortunately, the giant asteroid didn’t collide with the Earth and we all couldn’t feel more lucky about it.

If you are reading this news, be thankful from any loss that could have happened due to 2002 JR100 asteroid which approached Earth at a speed of 10,400 miles per hour.

News Nation has reported about nine massive asteroids that will be dangerously approaching Earth. One of them was 2002 JR100 asteroid which Earth encountered very closely today.

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As we know that asteroids can cause real harm to mankind resulting in shock waves, tsunami and flattening winds.

Asteroids are space rocks that revolve around the sun and are like planets. They are very small in size when compared to the size of other planets. However, when these fast-moving rocks collide with Earth it can cause great damage.

The asteroids can approach earth due to Earth’s gravitational forces that affect them. But worry not as we were fortunate enough to be saved from the misfortune that approached at such a high speed.

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Talking about the asteroid 2002 JR100 the 269-feet-long space rock zoom past the Earth on August 28 at 4:07 am (IST) at a speed of 10,400 miles per hour. According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the closest asteroid 2002 JR100 to Earth was just under 0.04963 astronomical units or roughly 4.6 million miles from the Earth’s centre.

2002 JR100 was an Aten asteroid that frequently interacts with the path of Earth.

We hope that the remaining asteroids assumed to come near earth also pass peacefully without harming Earth.

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