Best Tips to Improve Your Overall Dental Health

Dental Health Tips to Maintain Your Oral Hygiene
Dental Health Tips to Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral health is a very important aspect of everybody’s life. Having healthy teeth improves your personality as well as helps you achieve better physical health and mental well being. And the best part is that it is very to achieve. Just follow these dental health tips mentioned below.

8 Tips to Take Care of Your Dental Health

1. Brush Your Teeth Twice in a Day

Dental Health Tips
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Brushing your teeth daily is the most common thing that everybody knows. But a single bushing in a day can’t work that well. So, from now on, try to start brushing twice a day. First in the morning and second before going to bed. It helps you keep your teeth clean and white as well as remove plaque and bacteria.

However, the bushing is only beneficial when you do it in the correct way. You have to brush every tooth in the front, back and top. One should have to brush for 2 to 3 minutes.

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2. Prefer a Fluoride Toothpaste

Dental Health Tips

Your dental health is also based on your toothpaste. Many experts believe that fluoride prevents cavities and other oral problems. It is an element found in soil and present in almost every toothpaste and mouthwash. However, some products do not contain fluoride. So, check the ingredients menu before purchasing any product from the market. 

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3. Floss Daily

Dental Health Tips
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Flossing is the best practice to remove plaque and bacteria from the mouth. It can clean your teeth where a toothbrush is unable to reach. Most dental health professionals recommend flossing your teeth daily. 

Best way to floss your teeth

  1. Take 18 to 24 inches of dental floss and hold it correctly. Wind both ends of the floss with your fingers and leave a 1 to 2 inches gap for your teeth. 
  2. Now place the floss in between two teeth and glide it up and down. 
  3. Rub it on both sides of each tooth

Avoid gliding it into your gums, because it can cause damage. 

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4. See a Dentist Every Six Months

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Everyone is highly recommended to see a dentist every six months for a checkup. He will organise a routine dental examination and check your visual symptoms of cavities, gum diseases, mouth cancer or other oral health issues. The dentist will also clean your teeth and remove plaque. 

5. Don’t Ignore Your Tongue

Cleaning Tongue
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Just like brushing twice a day, clean your tongue either. Most people ignore cleaning their tongues after brushing. But it is also one of the major things you should take care of. Ignoring it can build plaque on your tongue and lead you to bad breath as well as other dental problems. It’s one of the best dental health tips you shouldn’t ignore. 

6. Use a Mouthwash

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As per some research, mouthwashes can also benefit your oral health. They contain chlorhexidine and an antibacterial ingredient that helps to control plaque and gingivitis. However, mouthwash cannot replace brushing and flossing, but it is an add on to these practices. 

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7. Avoid Sugary Foods and Starches

Avoid sweets
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Foods high in sugar and starches are very harmful to your oral health. Too much intake of these products can lead to cavities and tooth decays. Some studies have also proved the adverse effect of sugary and starchy products on your oral health. According to WHO, limiting sugar and starch intake can lower the 5 percent risk of cavities as well as 10 percent of daily calories.   

The sugary and starchy product includes candy, desserts, crackers, bread, chips, pasta, etc.  

8. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking
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Everybody knows Smoking is injurious to health. But do you know, it also stops our body to heal tissues, including those in the mouth? It is one of the leading factors of gum disease. As per some studies, smoking also affects the appearance of your mouth, can cause bad breath, and yellow your teeth and tongue.

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