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Delhi Government To Shut Diesel And Petrol Cabs; Ready To Go All-Electric

The Kejriwal Government in Delhi is shortly going to introduce a new group policy in Delhi with a great Electric Vehicle boom

As per the reports, the law has been completed and will shortly be submitted before the cabinet for approval. The new law will make it compulsory for all taxi firms, food delivery, and e-commerce to deploy all-electric groups by April 2030

What Did Delhi’s Transport Minister Say?


As per the Minister of Transport, Kailash Gahlot, the new law has been drawn up to clear the way for a smooth shift to cleaner fuel in a phased way. 

The transport minister revealed to the Times of India that “Delhi will get an all-electric group for cabs and other e-commerce bodies by April 1, 2030. We have so far gained extraordinary success in the area of electric vehicles as Delhi has the highest penetration of EVs in the country. ”

The law department which comes under the Kejriwal Government approved this law at the start of this month. Now, the final approval is left from the Transport Department and Lieutenant General. 

All-Electric In Four Years


The new law also permits aggregators to use bike taxis in Delhi, but only the electrics. The law will make it compulsory for aggregators to load electric two-wheelers and motivate sustainable transportation, the minister further stated. 

The minister went further on to state that the government will be putting more electric charging facilities over the city, at “reasonable prices.

The law gives a phased plan for going all-electric. For instance, it advises about 5% of the new group taken by the aggregators within less than six months of the notification should be electric. This will go up:

  • 15% in less than nine months
  • 25% within a year
  • 50% within two years
  • 75% by the end of three years
  • 100% in not more than four years

Contribution Of Delhi To Pollution


According to the plan, the complete commercial vehicles in Delhi will be electric vehicles by April 1, 2030. The government anticipated that the electric vehicle adoption will aid in lessening the pollution levels in Delhi. 

As per the newest laws, vehicles caused about half of Delhi’s own contribution to PM2.5 levels in the capital. 

Taking the total pollutants of NCR districts into consideration adding biomass burning, vehicle pollution contributed about 17% of the PM2.5 concentration level

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