Countries Serving Covid Vaccines And Virus At Customer’s Table

Pfizer, Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, or Covishield? What would you choose if you get a chance to choose Covid Vaccine during the vaccination? Well, the options are available but we cannot make choices. A Hungarian pastry shop is giving its customers a choice between these effective vaccines and No, they’re not selling vaccines illegally.

Read further to know the full story.

Covid Theme Pastries

Like PM Modi says, ” Aapda Ko Avsar Mein Badalne Hai” Chefs around the world did it in very creative way and everyone is appreciating their inventions. Here’s how?

Veresegyhaz, a small town in Hungary’s capital city, has a family-owned pastry shop. Well, the delicious, creamy, and layered mousses, cakes, and other desserts are the specialty here. Customers are surprised by a new edition in the menu. Covid-Themed Pastries!

covid vaccine theme mousse

Yes, you heard right. It may sound weird but this shop has a range of all covid themed delights. Mousse is everyone’s favorite here and they enjoy in a small glass decorated with syringes. Customers can pick according to their favorite flavor, color, and vaccine as per their efficiency. They have a color theme for each vaccine-like Russia’s Sputnik V is served in the orange color mousse.

Germany and America’s jointly developed Pfizer covid vaccine theme dessert is available in Matcha Green color. UK’s AstraZeneca which came out as 100% effective in trials and proposed for emergency use has got citrus yellow color in this pastry shop. Another effective vaccine, Moderna is picked for the vivid blue mousse.

The less preferred vaccine manufactured by a Chinese company, Sinopharm is also on the menu with a dark yellow hue. These delicious covid-theme mousses are getting popular in Veresegyhaz and everyone is appreciating the idea of allowing everyone to make choices.

This choice is not available during the registration for vaccination. People are receiving shots as per the availability of stock not only in Hungary but in other parts of the world too. With each vaccine having some mild side effects, it confuses people about the vaccines.

Covid Vaccine Theme Cake

If you thought only pastry makers have taken inspiration from the current scenario, check out sweet treats around the world.

Chocolaty Covid Virus At Your Table

covid theme pastry

Nobody wants to suffer from covid yet many have got the virus but the people of Europe love to see coronavirus theme delights at their table. The small tennis ball cake that looks like a virus as we all saw in the pictures. But, a restaurant nearby Parague’s historic centre is serving this dessert. We are not sure how the actual virus looks like but the chef Olga Budnik’s mini cake shows that.

covid theme food

Moreover, the dessert has all fine details and spikes too. It has white chocolate inside with dried fruits and raspberry puree to melt into your mouth. The cocoa butter spray at the surface just double the joy of eating this covid-theme dessert.

These sweet inventions by the chefs around the world have shown us that we should convert every situation in an opportunity.

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