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Coronavirus: Applaud To The Sikh Group In UK For Giving Free Food To Elderly People

The world has undergone quarantine amidst the global coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 has affected thousands of people worldwide and looking at the consequences of the fatal virus many places have been locked down.

People have self quarantined themselves and social distancing is preferred all over the world. The sudden lockdown has created inconvenience and people are facing issues to meet their daily necessities.

People above 65 years of age are believed to be more vulnerable to the virus.

A group of Sikh community in England decided to deliver free food to the elderly people of Slough which is a town in Berkshire.

Harjinder, an associate from the Sikh community told to News18:

Sikhs have been at the forefront of philanthropic work throughout the world. The community ongoingly delves into social causes which make a mammoth difference. 

Harjinder also posted:

Netizens Posted Appreciation On Twitter:

The community and its members need applause for doing selfless deed during the time of need.

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