Coronavirus 2.0: UK’s Conditions ‘Out Of Control’ As 70% More Infectious Covid Strain Emerges In Several Parts

UK on Sunday announced a stay-at-home lockdown in urgency and this has raised panic not only among the UK citizens but also to the whole world. New strain of Covid-19 is the reason behind it.

It’s troublesome for India as well as UK PM Borris Johnson is invited on Republic Day by PM Modi. Everyone is afraid that new strain of covid would hit the country along with the arrival of Borris.

Covid 2.0 Leaves The World In Turmoil, UK Shuts Down In Urgency

Covid New Strain
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In response to the deteriorating conditions and rising cases of covid in UK led to this action. All the relaxed rules for the business and other activities have been pulled again.

It’s direct impact can be seen on the India as well as the new strain is considered 70 percent more infectious as per the experts. Number of cases with new strain in some parts of UK are growing.

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What Did Union Health Minister Says On New Strain?

Harsh Vardhan
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Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister during the IISF 2020 has done a press conference regarding this new strain. He had a virtual press conference with the officials.

He said, “The central government is alert. In the past year, as you all have seen, we took all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of people. We are aware of what all needs to be done. If you ask me, there’s no reason to panic.”

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The news is taxing for India even though Union Health Minister assured that there is nothing to be worried about because we didn’t forget what happened when PM Modi invited Trump last year.

This is literally making everyone anxious.

Government Bans Flights From UK

Meanwhile Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal urged government to put a restriction over the flights coming to India from UK. Minister of Civil Aviation announced banned on UK flights till 31st in the recent tweet.

This would come into effect from tommorrrow i.e. 22nd December 2020 however this is a temporarily shut down, he said further.

Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France, Canada, Bulgaria, and France has already announced ban on flights from UK.

Will New Vaccines Work On VUI-202012/01?

covid vaccine
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After a year long struggle, some countries have succeeded to make vaccine for coronavirus. But, it seems that this new strain called lineage B.1.1.7 has posed a even more difficult challenge in front of the world raising questions on the effectiveness of covid-19 vaccine.

Experts say that this is not first time when they are seeing a mutation of virus as Sars-CoV-2 virus has undergone several mutations since it’s outbreak.

However, some experts say that this new strain would evade covid-19 vaccines. It’s horrible!!!

Vaccine expert from Denmark has made horrible estimation on B.1.1.7. He said, a new wave of pandemic can hit Denmark and we would have to start everything fresh to deal with covid-19 mutation.

Even experts from UK believe that it would be more lethal but till now there is no evidence to support this assumption. Moreover, there is no accurate reason if vaccine fails on new strain as per experts.

Such news at this stage when the world is finally getting a relief from the pandemic is definitely terrifying. Once again it has made us remind that covid-19 is powerful and we are not going to evade from it soon.


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