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Clubhouse Fires 50% Of Its Workforce; Know Why?

Clubhouse, an internationally recognized audio app that gained enormous popularity during the Covid era, is currently firing staff members. 

The co-founders of the app have written a letter to the staff informing them that more than 50% of the staff would be let go. Very few individuals have used the Clubhouse app since the globe became more open following the Covid epidemic, according to the inventors.

Covid And Clubhouse


It’s gotten more difficult for many people to locate their friends on Clubhouse and squeeze in-depth chats into their daily schedules as the globe has become more connected since Covid

The product must develop if it is to find its place in the world. The founder’s Paul Davison and Rohan Seth stated in the memo that this calls for a period of transformation.

People in the Covid era used technology to stay in touch with their friends and family since face-to-face interactions were forbidden. Community apps like Clubhouse started to become popular at that time.

For those who don’t know, Clubhouse is an invite-only software that enables users to hold audio-only discussions with their friends as well as exchange audio updates and postings. 

The Application


The app was released in 2020 and was only available to iOS users. However, the app was also made available to Android users throughout the course of the following few months.

The corporation needs to “reset” in the post-COVID age, according to the founders. They claimed that in order to make the required improvements to the product, a smaller, more concentrated workforce is required.

Due to the app’s popularity, rival services including Twitter Spaces, Facebook Live Audio Rooms, and Spotify Live all introduced comparable features.

Since then, Twitter Spaces has grown in popularity in the audio-only area, and Clubhouse has found it difficult to remain relevant. In August 2021, Clubhouse introduced a feature called “Houses” in reaction to the shifting tech landscape. 

This feature offers a designated chat room where members can “make new friends through their existing friend groups in a more intimate setting.”

The 2.0 Version Of The App


A smaller, more concentrated workforce, according to Davison and Seth, will enable them to iterate more quickly on the specifics and create the ideal product.

They are dedicated to paying tribute to their comrades who have supported them thus far and have a clear vision for Clubhouse 2.0.

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