Bollywood Remakes: Ruined Versions Of Hollywood Hits

Bollywood movies- We know they have a lot of emotional, cringe, and cliche moments yet they are a favorite pastime for everyone. While some movies have amazed the viewers, others could not do well due to a lack of rationality.  Indian cinema has not only given many blockbusters but also inspired a lot of us.

Although, we cannot deny that Bollywood is coming with some terrible content over few years. Are you familiar with the movies that were inspired by Hollywood but are a total flop? If not, then have a look at the 5 bizarre Bollywood remakes.

  • Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi (My Best Friend’s Wedding)

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The movie contained a lot of stereotypical elements, like a rich-happy family, a beautiful lady in the lead role, lots of drama, and fantasies. Although, it failed to recreate the brilliance of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’. Uday Chopra tried hard to match the original spunk of the movie but unfortunately failed in it.

  • Players (The Italian Job)


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The Italian Job is one of the best Hollywood Movies. Contradictory, its Bollywood version is a disaster. If you have seen the movie, you know why we are calling it a disaster, in case you have missed it, here is a glimpse of it. The script contains some senseless dialogues, incompetent acting of the leads, and action scenes copied from the original film.

  • Action Replayy (Back To The Future)

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Akshay Kumar is known as the king of comedy. But even he has delivered some movies which are not less than torture for the audience. ‘Back to The Future’ had a wonderful storyline revolving around time travel. After looking at the Desi version of the film, even you will wonder ‘Ye Kya Tha’ and ‘50 Rupya Kaat Overacting Ka’. The remake presents nothing other than an illogical screenplay of Bollywood.

  • God Tussi Great Ho (Bruce Almighty)

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God Tussi Great Ho is a failed attempt of copying the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Bruce Almighty’. Unfortunately, Salman Khan could not match up the comic timing of  Jim Carry- the lead actor in the Hollywood film. Also, the graphics and animation in the movie are poor. Starring popular B-Town celebs, this movie was a big flop.

  • Brothers (Warrior)

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The movie was a lame copy of the Hollywood film ‘Warrior’ in which two brothers turned into enemies in the ring. Yes, it sounds like a 1990 movie but that is what the directors of Brothers portrayed in 2015. The storyline could not keep the audience glued to their seats as it was too cliche to watch.

If you have watched any of these Bollywood remakes, we feel overwhelmed for you. We all waste time, but make sure next time you waste it wisely.

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