Bobby Deol’s Aashram’ Exposes The Dark Side Of ‘Gurmeet Ram Rahim’

The buzz of a great web series Aashram is humming in everyone’s ear. If you haven’t watched it yet, then set your eyeballs to watch out this stunning Prakash Jha’s series and have a BINGE day! It’s an impressive series rolling out the filthy side of modernistic day saints and babas how these babas are idolized as Gods in our country! The carving depiction of these hypocritical babas brutally exposes their dark world of cruelty with women and girls.

An Absorbing Narration!

Bobby Deol gives his finest as Baba Nirala, who is definitely not people’s Godman but a sham man. He is a wealthy and popular man having millions of followers whose crimes get unveiled when cops raid his never-ending headquarters.

The character of Nirala appears to relate with Dera Sacha Sauda’s (DSSs) cult boos, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who was imprisoned for murder, rape, and demanding forced castrations.

The thrilling series with attention to detail beautifully gives out sweet details on how a two-faced baba like Ram Rahim does dirty politics corridors. The storyline depicts how these women coming to the ashram coming here once, never go back and how he finds piles of women to be the part of his heinous needs.

Sinister Dressed In Saint Look!

Talking about the life of Ram Rahim Singh was in the list of 100 most powerful Indians back in 2015. A film called MSG was made on his life, which was critically backlashed. He has released various films and music albums that encircle his teachings and himself!

Ram Rahim was condemned to rape by the special CBI court. On August 25, 2017, his belief led to a boundless rampage, bloodshed, and DSS members’ brutality. His conviction was also responsible for destructive clashes with the police, which left many injuries and death.

After all the widespread violence, he was behind bars for 20 years on August 28, 2017. Again in January 2019, Ram Rahim was convicted of murdering Ram Chander Chhatrapati, a journalist. He published a secret letter accusing Ram Rahim of Rape as he was later found guilty.

So, with all this keeping in mind, the story revolves around opening the evil side of babas like Nirmal Baba in the web series. He is a religious teacher who is famously called Kashi Baba amongst his ardent believers. So, he takes advantage of these thousands of innocent people’s belief and loyalty and grips them all. His unpleasing deeds don’t stop here, and in the last three years, nine girls also disappear from Baba Nirmal’s ashram. There’s no idea of where these girls are, dead or alive!

Curtain Raiser From Horrifying Truth


Aditi Pohankar is one such girl portraying the role as Pammi becomes a part of this ashram to search for peace and wants to do big for caste discrimination. Pammi is an energetic and aggressive young wrestler who lifted her voice against such racist forces and achieved justice for her family before coming to the ashram. But after she comes to know the unacceptable things going on in the ashram, she makes her mind to reveal Baba’s real side to the whole world.

The web series raises multiple questions like how can people be such blind fans and devotees of such culprit Babas? How can people trust them even when the truth is lying in front of their eyes? How people find themselves strangling in hypocrisy and that bloody blind faith? How these people go to self-declared gurus and then fall in a trap of cheating?

In this eye-opening web series, the unclean players of faith will be exposed. Hence, such types of people have stood against the web series by taking the Hindu religion into the picture and demand to make it an anti-religion. However, having an alert to the current situation, Bobby Deol and director Prakash Jha has captioned “Aashram” as “Please pay Attention” and shared its disclaimer from their social media accounts. Prakash Jha has mentioned – “Civil Request.” Unquestionably, Ashram is the first web series in the country that highlights a highly sensitive issue.

The two worlds of Ram Rahim

In my opinion, many people can relate this series to Ram Rahim’s story. He has two worlds, the one which is open for all to see. His ashram organizes welfare programs, has a hospital, a Dharamshala, photos, and videos displayed to the world from time to time. However, the dark world of Dera Sacha Sauda has been concealed from the world. The public does not have access to this side.

Thus, viewers can say that ‘Aashram’ portrays the dark side of bad people like him, in my opinion. This series’s main objective is to send a strong message to the people who believe foolishly in such kind of Dhongi Babas.

Mystery Unfolds More!

Doesn’t it grip you more to know what’s more there in this drama? Nothing less, but people should and will hopefully learn from fresh stories of hypocrites such as Nityanand Swami, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, or many more validate this series. You will encounter how in the name of religion, these religious leaders cheat you.


Aashram Season 2 is supposed to release in March 2021, though the final date is not declared by Prakash Jha or his team. First they want to record the response of Aashram Part 1 before planning on releasing the Part 2.

So, don’t forget to watch this eyebrow-raising web series to make you aware of the encompassing traps nearby you!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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