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These Benefits Of Lip-To-Lip Kiss Will Make You Wanna Lock Lips With Someone

Have you had your first kiss yet? well, this question might give you the memory of your first kiss with your partner while singles will say ‘Kyu Jale Par Namak Chidhakna‘. Haha, well we all know kissing is romantic as well as fun. it is magical when you kiss your love for the first time.

Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.  

Aside knowing this, do you know that kissing actually does a body very, very good?

Apart from the advantages of kissing, there are some facts about kiss that will surprise you.

Why do we tilt the right side head while kissing?

According to research by German researcher Onur Güntürkün, about two-thirds of the world (2 / 3rd) people tend to lean towards what they do right – in fact our tendencies are from when we were not even in the world !! Meaning, when such people were in the womb of the mother, since they are right-handed or right-footed, it becomes natural on its own!

Why do we close our eyes?

We all have noticed that while kissing our eyes gets closed – because the pupils of our eyes dilate, which makes it difficult to focus and everything starts looking blurred. Therefore, this automatic reaction to close the eyes becomes! Closing eyes gives some moments free of tension. 

A Kiss a Day Keeps the stress away

Talking of Cortisol, Kissing decreases cortisol levels and stress. Affectionate communication and kissing, like saying “I love you” and hugging, influence the physiological processes that are connected to stress management.The biggest benefit of kissing is in headache

You Will Lead A Positive Life!

According to a survey, people who do not shy away from kissing, they live their lives in a better way, while those who are avoiding them are tired and tired. That means kiss helps you to be positive towards life.

Good for your heart

Kissing  protects from cardiovascular diseases by keeping your heart fit in many ways. According to a research, stress is not seen in people who kiss their partner regularly. Also, they are more satisfied with their relationship, the amount of cholesterol in their body is also controlled.

Kiss extract  all worries and pains away

Many people kiss to get relief from pain. During kissing, the body releases adrenaline hormone, which is helpful in reducing pain in the body. If you kiss lip-to-lip for a long period, then in many ways, small pains disappear.

Boost Sex Drive

Passionate Kissing leads to more sexual arousal and it is often the attractive force behind a girl’s decision to have sex with their partner. While kissing, the saliva contains testosterone( its a sex hormone that literally plays a pivotal role in boosting sex drive). The longer and passionately you kiss your partner, the more level of testosterone gets released.

Burn Calories

Kissing uses facial muscles and burns your calories.

You can burn 2 to 26 calories per minute from your kiss, which can also burn your body’s extra fat.

As per reports, Jogging on a trade mill burns around 11 calories in 1 minute and according to reports, kissing burns 2 to 6 calories in a minute.

Also, kissing while being physical can also cost 9 calories extra. That means if you do 290 kisses, then your 500 Gm weight can be reduced.

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of kissing, go and give a nice kiss to surprise your partner.

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