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Apple Store: The Salary Of The Employees Will Blow Your Mind

At the start of this month, Apple rolled out its first two retail stores in India. Everyone was waiting for the event for a very long time. 

The stores opened in Mumbai and Delhi, are being managed by a team id extremely educated tech enthusiasts who wish to offer great customer service. As per the reports, the staff of Apple stores in India is earning remarkably more salaries as compared to their peers working in any other tech brand retail shops. 

The Launch Event


At the time of the launch event, the staff of the Apple Store wore green t-shirts and welcomed customers with immense cheers as they stood forming a line outside the stores. 

A report was shared by the Economic Times, Apple is giving a whooping amount of about Rs. 1 lakh per month for managing the two retail stores in India. The salary is three to four times higher than compared to the salary of retail store employees offered by other tech brands.  

To manage the first two stores in the country, Apple has onboarded about 170 people, and it is obvious that Apple has made a complete analysis before choosing its final team members to take responsibility for the first two stores.


The staff who got appointed for the store are highly qualified having educational backgrounds in IT, electrical engineering, robotics, and computer applications to fit in its Indian retail stores. 

In addition to this, the firm has also onboarded linguistically skilled employees, some of whom have been shifted abroad to be a member of Apple’s retail expansion in India. 

What Does The Deputy Minister Say?


As per the Deputy Minister for Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Apple may multiply the investments in India by 2 or 3, in the coming future, as well as increase exports. 

At the time of the visit of the chief executive officer of Apple, he met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi where they had a word about the plans of the company for business growth and manufacturing within India. 

The meeting was aimed at how the company wishes to expand its functions and production capabilities in India. 

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