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Here are 4 Zodiac Signs Who Can’t Face Rejections

Humans are social creatures with an innate need to blend in and win the favor of others. But the hope of getting the same amount of love and affection in return sometimes leads to rejections. As rejections are normal and one must understand that it is a part of life. But it can be seen that for some zodiac, rejection is a danger to the person’s social standing, it can create feelings of unease, anxiety, and even guilt. It may also be disheartening to know that we might not be able to change the circumstances that led to the rejection.

Here is a list of 4 zodiac signs who can’t handle rejections well.


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Leos are self-centered, but when it comes to handling rejection, they’re very sensitive and emotional. They are humans who can’t see if the attention is given to someone else as it hurts their self-ego. These zodiacs take more than forever to get out of the zone where they have faced rejection. As they feel their flare and aura are ashamed of rejection.


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Cancerians are fragile when it comes to rejections. As they are very emotional and feel a little more than the others. And this nature makes them feel emotions so hard that they grieve, smile, and enjoy more than others. This Zodiac is so weak in their thought that they already feel rejected even before the actual phase. They may appear normal in front of others but in reality, they are facing the worst of times to overcome rejection.

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They are people who appear to be very tough but in reality, they are sensitive beings. They are so weak inside that they are incapable of handling rejection. As this Zodiac are people who are not open up to others, but when they do they end up getting hurt as they face rejection.


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They are sensitive and intuitive creatures and don’t accept rejection well. Because of their unrelenting optimism, they feel crushed when things don’t get to their point. And ultimately, they feel negative about the rejection and their self-esteem goes down. They feel lost as if they have been left behind.

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