Amid Coronavirus Spread Technical Institutes Come Up With Some Useful Innovations

As deadly Covid 19 increases day by day all over the world, technical institutes and scientists have tried to develop helpful tools to control this pandemic. So let’s look at some latest innovations in times of Coronavirus pandemic.

IIT Roper Makes Equipment To Clean And Sterilize PPE Kits


The researchers of the Indian Institute Of Technology have found a technique to sterilize and clean personal protection equipment kits. This kit contains plenty of tools such as surgical masks, gloves, and other protective equipment. Moreover, the best thing with this technique is that it sterilizes and cleans tools, without leading any harm and damage to those.

PPE kits are most widely used by medical staff and doctors. The researchers believed that these kits are the best way to face the Coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the IIT researchers have innovated new and unique equipment that can sterilise and clean the protective equipment in a three-way installation process, including UV-C irradiation, ultrasonic, and oxidizing treatments.

Assistant professor Khushboo Rakha and professor Naresh Rakha, with their team members Dhiraj Mahajan, Manigandan, Shahriar, Manigandan, Reza, and Kushgra goyal, have done this research.

Khushboo said from the materials and metallurgy engineering department said, “In the wake of the Covid19 crisis, surgical masks, N-95 Face Respirators, and PPE have become scarce. The scarcity of PPE has become scarce. The scarcity of PPE has forced many people to reuse these items. But, washing PPE like ordinary clothes has limitations, as it destroys the texture and pore size of the surgical masks and face respirators. Sterility of the inner layers of PPE is also a serious issue. We have come up with a prototype of unique equipment which will sterilise and clean once used masks and PPEs by three proven pathogen-killers, namely ultraviolet- C irradiation, ultra-sonication (ultrasonic waves) and an oxidizing agent.”

Amazing Application For Community Kitchens


Areekode’s three students have made an app that will allow people quickly and effortlessly access nearby community kitchens. The first time, these kitchens were started under the mission of Kudumbashree in Kerala to deal with the food crisis. Kooy Community kitchen is the name of this application and access on Android platforms. This will help you, people, to know about available food in community kitchens and allow you to order from home.

Three brothers Nimil Salam, Razil Salam, and Azil Salam had developed this application. Razil is studied in class 12th, Nimil pursue MBBS and Azil pursue mechanical engineering.

So, these are the latest innovation introduced in times of Coronavirus Pandemic.

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