Covid-19 And China- The ICJ Asks UNHRC To Enquire Into The Matter

Coronavirus is becoming the greatest ever pandemic that occurred in the history of humankind for which the U.S. is blaming China. To these condemns, China is denying and considers itself as innocent. Now, the International Court Of Jurists has entered into the matter and gave the order to The United Nations Human Rights Council(UNHRC) to inquire about the whole situation.

The ICJ Orders To UNHRC Against China

Covid-19 And China- The ICJ Asks UNHRC To Enquire Into The Matter

The ICJ wants China to compensate for the loss made to the member states, especially India. “China has developed a biological weapon that is harmful to the entire humanity and causing severe harm to the world. Not only this biological weapon causes physical and psychological but economical as well as social damage. China is responsible for the negligence it made”, The ICJ President said.

The ICJ also said that China had violated the provisions of “International Human rights”, “Global Health Regulations”, UDHR clauses, and “International Humanitarian Laws“.

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Claims Of The ICJ President

The pandemic started away before in China before it internationally announced the first case. It began on December 1, 2019, but China kept it secret till January 2020. For this negligence of China and surreptitiously developing a biological weapon, a petition has been filed in the ICJ by the Adish C Aggarwala. He is the senior advocate and president of the International Court of Jurists.

He said that China had hidden the spread of coronavirus and misled the world. The country had also tried to shut every source that was releasing the early warnings. Dr. Li Wenliang was the first person who warned the world about it, but he got arrested on the order of the Chinese government. The government did not make sufficient efforts to prevent the traveling of an infected person, Mr. Aggarwala said.

His claim did not end here, and he further added that China developed the virus in its Wuhan Virology Lab. Only 0.001% of people in China got affected by it through which it spread to the whole world, and now it not only taking the lives of people worldwide but hitting the economy hard as well.

He also said that the Chinese government had released only partial information in February. By that time, more than 2,000 people were affected. There are so many clauses and provisions China has violated. Now, UNHRC will inquire and figure out the truth.

The ICJ has jurists from all over the world. The ICJ backs the social and economic needs of people as a part of its responsibility. Before Mr. Adish Aggarwala, Justice Awn S Al-Khasawneh was the president. He is a former PM of Jordon. Justice P N Bhagwati, RC Lahoti, was the past president of the ICJ from India.

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