Rapper’s Dead Body Turned Prop at Nightclub For Funeral Party, Video Goes Viral

Saying the last goodbye to the loved ones who lost their lives is the hardest thing in anyone’s life and everyone has their own way. There is an awkward silence during the funeral and everyone runs out of words to pay condolence to the dead person’s family. This doesn’t happen at the funeral of American rapper Markelle Morrow.

Everyone was partying and dancing in one of Washington’s nightclubs where his funeral was organized. The surprising thing was Morrow himself whose dead body was put up as a mannequin on the stage.

Watch the video if you don’t believe us

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Family and Friends of American Rapper Markelle Threw Party on His Death

american rapper markelle morrow

Whosoever saw the video was stunned and criticized his family for this strange funeral. Markelle’s body was staged as a prop for the ceremony. ‘It’s crazy’ tweeted one user.

Whatever people said, the rapper’s mother Patrice Morrow doesn’t care. She believes it was absolutely fine as she doesn’t want to be sad about his death.

She bid adieu exactly like he celebrated his life and how she wanted to send her baby home. Morrow said,” That’s my baby, my son. Why are people worried about how I sent my son home.” She requested everyone to just let her grieve in peace after getting frustrated from criticism.

The club was not aware of this kind of celebration after allowing Markeller’s family for the reservation. After the video went viral and people started criticizing it, the club realized and made an apology.

The 24-year old rapper was famous as Goonew among fans. He died during an unfortunate incident where he was shot in a parking lot. He was taken to the hospital immediately but could not be saved. Police are investigating the matter.


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