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9 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines To Make Them Fall For You

Want to grab the attention of your crush? Tired of daily monotonous conversations with them? Then, a cheesy pick-up line is all you need to break the ice. Pick-up lines not only show that you have a good sense of humor but also represent you as a fun person to be around.

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So this valentine’s week, let us have a look at some fascinating pickup lines that may certainly impress your crush.

  •  People wonder that Disneyland is the world’s happiest place. Seems like no one ever got a chance to stand with you.
  • Would you mind if I drive you home? My mother always taught me to take care of precious things.

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  • Are you a wizard? Because every time I sneak a look at you, everyone else disappears. 
  • Most people desire to stargaze because it gives them peace, but I would rather spend time with you because it gives me comfort.

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  • Want to know what I was doing last night? I was looking up at the sky counting the stars matching with the reasons why I love you.
  • I am sure that even if a thousand artists worked for a million years, they could not create something as fascinating as you.

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  • Don’t misunderstand that I am trying to flirt with you. I am just being extra generous to you since you are exceptionally beautiful.
  • I know it sounds cliche, but it took me a week to know you, a month to love you, and it will probably take me a lifetime to forget you.
  • Are you the purpose of my life? Because since the day I met you my life is becoming more meaningful.

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These were some cheesy pick-up romantic lines that may help you to please your crush. But before expressing your feelings to them, make sure they are emotionally available to take responsibility for the relationship. Before taking any hasty decision, try to understand their perspective. We hope that these lines strike a chord in their mind.

All the best!!!!!

Happy Flirting!!!!

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