8 Ways to Conquer Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Completely

We all tend to suffer from FOMO or Fear of Missing Out at some point in our lives and then miss out the moments of being happy and joyful. But in today’s life there is so much pressure that individuals tend to get suffer from FOMO. They start becoming anxious if they left out something which they will regret later.

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What is FOMO?

It is the fear or anxiety that comes from the belief that we are missing out something, or we are losing some great opportunity especially for social engagement or it may be for the careers. The biggest reason for FOMO is social networking sites.

Ultimate Ways To Get Rid Of FOMO

Never Underestimate Yourself


You should believe in your strength and know your worth; there is no need to unnecessarily follow others. You are more intelligent and have strength than you think, its not necessary to accept something just because others are accepting, if you think something is not right. There is no need to involve that.

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Cut Down Your Social Media Time


We are so addicted to social media that we are least bothered what is happening in real world. Now it seems that we are only aware about virtual world and gone away from real life. Everyone shows their best side on social media and we get influenced by their fake pictures, Facebook, instagram and all are making our life hell, we feel that we are losing something and become unsatisfied.

Don’t Compare yourself with others


We all have the proclivity to compare our life with others and then have the lists of complain. Fear of Missing Out arises a lot from this feeling of comparison. Grass always looks greener on other side. We want everything that others have. No matter how much successful we become if others look happier or have something we don’t have we start competing with them and become restless with this feeling that some or the other thing is missing.

Embrace change in your thoughts

Fear of Missing Out

Sometimes it’s necessary to come out of the monotony of the same line of thoughts and pressures. Always entangled with thoughts like what if I miss an opportunity to meet new delegates which will come to the office seminar. Or if I miss out the experience of the business event which maybe not relevant to you but you just want to be the part of it because of your FOMO.

All these clutters need to be removed from the mind and we should change our thoughts and get aligned with positive thoughts like learning some new things and focusing on your long term goals.

Appreciate your life and Express gratitude

Fear of Missing Out

Stop running after things that are not our part, we have everything that we need, so just count on your blessing. Because of your FOMO don’t forget about the benedictions which God has given you, we need to have the habit of expressing gratitude in our life because there are many people who starve to live the life in a way we are living.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Fear of missing out

We should also show some kindness towards ourselves. Don’t be too strict on yourself. Avoid taking tasks which may seem very impossible, it’s not necessary always to prove yourself. It’s OK if you don’t know something. Also give yourself some time, don’t get guilty in small things. Just relax and calm down once in a while, in this way it will help to get rid of feelings of FOMO.

Come out of the unrealistic illusions

Feelings of FOMO evolves from the stupid illusionary thoughts which we have created in our mind, it sometimes have a tendency to make us even mad. We are always in an anxiety of the traps of these thoughts which we have created and are not even real at all. The stupid insecurities and stories are there in a mind and we attract similar such negative situations more in our life then. So, just ignore such kind of thoughts.

If FOMO seems out of the control seek psychologist or professionals help


Lastly, sometimes the problem becomes so severe that there is no choice but to consult a good psychologist or psychiatrist. He or she will guide us in a better way and there is no problem to seek their help. There is no need to get embarrassed for this.


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