Self-Control Techniques To Live A Pleasant Life

In our day to day work and busy life it is the tendency of humans to lose their control due to frustration or other problems and go in the negative track, but have you thought in this way you will trouble yourself more and invite more difficulties for yourself. Well Self- Control is the ability to manage your behaviour and actions in order to maintain productivity in life, achieve the goals and obtaining happiness.

So, in between your busy work just wait and check where you are wrong or where there is any problem and practice a good Self -Control strategy.

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You decide one thing like from now you will not eat junk food but after seeing fries, or pizzas you can’t resist and enjoy eating it, or you make an aim to do wake up early.

Set an alarm but when the alarm rang, you stopped it and slept for one hour more, all these small things affect your big tasks. So it necessary to follow some strategies for Self- C.ontrol.

Solve Your Difficult Task First


It is in the human habit to delay doing difficult work later and easy work before, with the start of the day you should complete your difficult assignments first as it will give you fruitful results, early in the morning we have fresh energy and our mind is not tired so devoting our mind’s energy in difficult work can make the task easier as easy work will anyway has the capacity to be done and if we delay the complicated work what happens the thing we can understand also, we will unable to do it because our mind will become tired by that time.

Stop Expecting From Others


It is not bad to take some help and suggestion from others but all time expecting from others to favour you is not right, in this way if someone refuses to help you or not accept what you said you will feel hurt and get upset, you may also get angry and lose your temper and then relations are also affected.

So its better to reduce your expectations from others and try to help yourself only. In this way you will inculcate self-control more.

Self –Motivation


 Always keep yourself self-motivated, it will inculcate esteem and confidence also, motivate yourself from time to time that you can do this or that, you have the sufficient skills and capabilities to achieve the goals, with your power and trust in yourself you can achieve even big goals easily. Become flexible enough to adapt to any environment.

Role Of Yoga and Meditation


Meditation yoga pranayams have the potential to make your mind palliative, it will give you immense joy, you feel refreshed and composed after doing yoga and meditation. The deep breathing exercise is not only good for body but will also provide you extreme relaxation and meditation will increase your concentration power.

Eat Healthy Diet


Inculcate the habit of taking healthy foods and stay away from junk foods. Healthy food will promote healthy mind.Very spicy, oily and unhealthy items will lessen the capacity of your mind and hence you will always remain irritated and annoyed. Healthy food has the propensity to influence your mind, so in order to be controlled you should take diet accordingly.

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Change the scenario and environment sometimes

While doing the daily same work it is implied everything will seem to be boring and monotonous, so we should our way of doing work and scenario from time to time, learn new things, studies have shown that learning new skills will also increase our creativity and bring a positive change us. Try to see the things from different perspective.

Take Challenging Tasks also

Self-Control Techniques

We have the penchant that by seeing the complexities of something we make a distance from it .But we should have the habit of trying to solve the intricacies, then only our mind works usefully. By never taking new and challenging work how will we get to know about our efficiencies and intellect, in this way we are also missing out many things. Hence It also leads to practice Self-Control.

Detox Your Mind


With many negative emotions like fears, insecurities, jealousy we have cultivated a useless garbage in our mind and we always tend to hold on to it. In this way our mind definitely lose control and  indulge in foul habits . Then we say we have depression, anxiety and all, so just let go off these things.Don’t take anything personally. Release all your negative thoughts say to yourself that you have no place to let in these harmful thoughts.

Reinforce Faith and Spirituality


Going on the path of spirituality will solve half of the problems, if you have bad day sometimes. Or if you felt bad about some comment made by your colleagues or friends and you feel alone.

Just remember one thing you are never alone, that almighty power is always there.Your problems are god’s problems, so have faith in it. Everything will go fine, express gratitude, have the habit of doing prayers daily and spend time with God. This is the best way to reinforce Self-Control.

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It is necessary to forgive yourself first

Many times we make mistakes and punish ourselves ruthlessly, please don’t be so harsh on yourself. Its OK to make mistake you are also human being, just apologize to yourself at that time and move ahead . Don’t get stuck to it, you will go nowhere.

If you don’t let yourself do mistakes you will do wrong things more and get trapped in the cycle of being guilty. No amount of guilt and remorse will bring back your time . So to be on the right track and having sufficient control on your mind just forgive yourself.

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