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7 Unusual Things To Do In Germany You’d Not Regret

Hiking at the dangerous and deadly Black Forest or enjoying fine wine in Baden are not the only worthy things to do in Germany. This 7th largest European country is full of the craziest tourist destinations and activities you’d have never imagined. Unleash the country of Beer and Football with us and soon you will find Germany a traveler’s home for worthy reasons.

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It Happens Only In Germany!!! 7 Best Things To Do For A Perfect Vacay

Germany hosts several seasonal festivals that allow tourists to get lost in its culture and tradition. And they are unlike other festivals where you can only learn about the country’s history. They are more about fun and enjoying life like you are gonna die the next moment.

1.Oktoberfest( Beer Festival Of Germany)

things to do in germany

October is a great month to travel to Germany for one undeniable reason. The Beer festival is held every year in Munich where you will witness the whole city turned into a large beer hall. Bartenders dressed up in folk costumes, fun games at bars, loud music, and dance performances of Oktoberfest will take you to a different world.

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It is the world’s largest beer festival where more than 6 million people across the world take part. And not just beer, the festival keeps the spirit of visitors high via the huge rollercoaster, scrumptious food, and more.

Fun Fact: Approx 7 million liters of beer is served during the fest

  • Best Time to Come: It takes place in the first week of October, try to be an early bird as after 6 the place gets crowded and you won’t get reservations
  • Ticket Prices: Prices go a bit high during the fest but it’s worth spending for a never like before experience. A normal beer will cost you 11 which is 5 times more than the regular cost.
  • How To Attend Fest? Get to Theresienwiese which is a few km away from the Hauptbahnhof railway station. You can also arrive at U-Bahn then take a walk to the Oktoberfest grounds.

2. Giant Pumpkins Of Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg

pumpkin festival

Even if you hate pumpkins, you should definitely attend the pumpkin festival of Ludwigsburg. You will find pumpkins of all sizes here, some are truly unbelievable. And not just the size and bright orange hue, the pumpkin art will make you realize why it is the Halloween favorite fruit.

The whole Ludwigsburg immerse into pumpkin color and fragrance during two months of the fest. And the menu of the fest will make you wonder what else you can make from Pumpkin. Right from the pumpkin butter, rice, bread, to even wine is served here.

  • Timings: 9 am to 08:30 pm every day from August to December
  • Tickets: € 8/adult and €3.90 children below 15
  • Where?  Arrive at Schloss Ludwigsburg where the festival takes place every year. It is only 12 km away from Stuttgart.

Fun Fact: Large pumpkins are hollowed and converted into canoes for a pumpkin race.

3. Fun At Kiel’s Sailing Festival

things to do in germany

Germany is a country of festivals of all kinds and another unusual thing to do here is attending the largest sailing festival. It might seem boring to watch ships of all kinds sailing on the calm water but fun activities at the coast will make you love it.

Kiel Regatta is held every year in June where sailors across the world participate in the largest ship racing event. Ships, yachts, and boats from different classes participate in the event.

After the end of the race, visitors can enjoy musical events; eat at food stalls, play minigames at the fair and end the day seeing fireworks.

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  • Where? Schleswig-Holstein
  • When? Last week of June every year
  • How To Get Kiel? Hambury or Lubeck is the closest to Kiel for international visitors. Take a bus from the airport to Kiel.

4. See The Tallest Church- Ulmer Minster

things to do in germany

Viewing the world’s tallest church is one of the must-do things in Germany. This Gothic-style church had 3 spires and 13 bells. It was constructed in 1377 and surprisingly it is still under construction. Don’t worry, visitors are still allowed to reach the church’s top.

But, it is 768 steps away; do you have enough stamina to walk up the stairs of the world’s tallest church? Well, it is worth your time as the view is completely amazing.

  • Location: Ulm Minster, Minsterplatz 1, 89073, Ulm
  • Entry Charges: Although visiting the church is free, it charges EUR 5 for adults for those interested in seeing the panoramic view of Ulm from the church’s tower
  • How To Reach Ulm? FMM or Memmingen is closest to the city. Stuttgart Airport Busterminal and Munich Railway station are the other options as well.

5. Explore the Weirdest Fairyland- Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes

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Fairylands are not weird but don’t forget you are in Germany. Thuringia ( Green Heart Of Germany) may not be the best tourist places in Germany but it got a place on our list due to its mineral caves. Mines near the Saalfield are famous for their colorful natural structures that are beyond imagination.

Beware! It can be the scariest place you have ever visited.

How To Reach Thuringia? There are 5 nearby airports from where you can easily reach Thuringia. Frankfurt, Hannover, Erfurt, Nuremberg, and Leipzig Airports have a direct flight to the city.

Things To Do In Thuringia

  1. Canopy walk at Hainich National Park
  2. Do not miss the hearty authentic German food at Thuringia
  3. The city has one of the best hiking trails, the Rennsteig Trail

6. Taste The Meatballs Ice-Cream

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One of the weirdest things to do in Germany is to tastes the unique ice-cream inventions. Right from the spaghetti shaped to meatball flavors, all-type of ice creams are served here.

Come to Manheim and taste the famous Spaghettieis.

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7. Walk Through The Narrowest Street- Spreuerhofstrabe Street

places to visit in germany

Although Germany has wide streets, one at Reutlingen is quite famous for its width. It holds the record of the narrowest street in the world with a width of 19.7 inches. However, getting into the street is quite impossible but it is great sightseeing for tourists.

But it is not the only reason to visit the city, here is a list of all the popular tourist attractions here:

Things To Do In Reutlingen

  1. Learn more about the city’s past at Königsbronner Klosterhof
  2. Urlacher Waterfall is a magical experience because of its unique mossy cliffs
  3. Taste the star-shaped bread Mutschel
  4. Christmas Markets are famous here for their handmade items and fairytales events
  5. The workmanship of the Marienkirche is worth admiring

The list of best things to do in Germany is endless but simply trying out activities from our bucket list will fill your trip with an amazing experience.

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