7 Enormous Thalis of India Which is Not Possible to Eat Alone

Well India is known for its distinctive food culture and when we talk about Indian platters, there are some massive thalis which is the ultimate treat for the people. These Big thalis of India serve the wholesome Indian meals with combination of veggies, dal (pulses),chapatti, rice, sweet dishes which will satiate you fully. And one interesting thing to note here is you just can’t have  one grand platter alone. Your family or friends are required to complete one thali.

These Big Indian Thalis are becoming world famous now. International Tourists whenever visit here, they also can’t resist on such thalis. It provide delicious tastes on a single plate. So, all the foodies get ready to know about some popular giant thalis of India.

1) Dara Singh Thali, Mumbai

Big Thali of India
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This Thali is served by one of the Punjabi group in Mumbai in its restaurant known as “Masaledaar by Mini Punjab” in Powai, Mumbai. Its an extensive which need atleast 4-5 people to complete it. It is also included in the list of world’s biggest non-veg thalis. It presents of variety of options in both veg and non-veg from starters ill desserts.

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This Thali has Aloo Paratha, Murg Musallam Rice,Lamb Yogurt Curry, Chur Chur De Naan and many more dishes with many beverages and chaat options. Around more than 40 items are served here. One more notable thing here it takes 2 people to carry the thali to customer’s table. It may cost you approx. Rs. 1100/-.

2) Bahubali Thali, Pune

Big thali of India
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It’s a pure vegetarian thali  served at “Aaoji Khaaoji” and at “The House of Parathas”, JM Road at Pune. Aaoji Khaaoji emphasizes on Punjabi Cuisine more and serves Kumbhkaran thali which has lacha parathas, two types of rice, four rotis, two kinds of yello dal, raita, a cup of butter and lots more. Additionally it offers other giant thalis which has many filmy names such as Rajnikanth thali. Sunny Deol Thali, Munna Bhai Thali. This thali is priced at Rs. 2000.

The House of Parathas gives the pleasant taste of  Devasena Paratha which is quite heavy Kattapa Biryani, rice, dals, vegetables, salads, pickles, fried snacks, desserts and huge Bahubali Paratha. These parathas are made up of five kind of flours. Futhermore, The owner of this thali wanted to gain recognition by the popularity of the superhit movie Baahubali and hence achieved the big milestone. It costs approx.. Rs 1500/-.

3) Kutumb Thali

Enormous Thalis of India

This Thali is served in Delhi at Rohini area. Kutumb is a vegetarian thali which consist of 45 varieties of food items. It includes 14 types of dals and curries. This meal also contains  delectable Veg Handi biryani, Jeera Rice,4 kinds of raitas, salads,24 inch  large family naan, soup, roasted papads. But you can’t have it all alone , come with your friends or family members and binge on it. Kutumb thali is addresed as ‘Kutumb Sampoorna Thali’.

4) Khali Bali Thali, Delhi

Big Thalis of India

This Thali is again the speciality of Delhi. ‘Khali Bali’ maybe said as perfect feast as it’s the biggest thali, 56-inches and weighs around  4 kg. It is located at Ardor 2.1 at Connaught Place, New Delhi. This thali constitutes of variety of vegetables, kebabs, desserts and meats, chicken , fish for veg and non-veg thali respectively. Price of Veg Thali is Rs. 1999 and Non-Veh Thali is 2299/- It is one of the customary Enormous thalis of India.

5) Kesariya Thali, Bangalore

Big thalis of India

Kesariya Thali involves 32 dishes. It provides everything from Welcome Drinks to Desserts and mouth-watering main course. We bet its difficult for you to finish Kesariya Thali alone, you need 3-4 people to share it. This platter will give you complete satisfaction.

6) Chappan Bhog Thali, Mumbai

Big thalis of India
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As the name implies this thali encompasses 56 different delicacies with large quantities. C ‘ Halwai ki Dukkan’ in  Mumbai serves Chappan Bhog Thali. This restaurant sends packets of mouth freshners to customer’s home after finishing the meal.

7) Choki Dhani Rajasthani Thali


Rajasthan is well- known for its splendid culture and food. Hence if you want to have the kingly experience of food then you must visit Choki Dhani in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Choki Dhani’s  5-star restaurant will give you variegated experience of traditional Rajasthani dishes with limitless refills.

From churma, kachoris to ghewar and jalebis, you will enjoy the relishing tastes of Rajasthan’s authentic culture. It can be rightly said that these are these Enormous thalis of India represent our culture.

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