5 Surprising Facts About Deigo Maradona That Bring More Fame Than His Game

“Legends Are Not Born, They Are Created” But Diego Maradona was a born legend who left the world in pain yesterday, 25 November after a cardiac arrest.

The Greatest Of All Time, Diego was truly a gem not only for the football world but also for the entire world. His “Hand of God” is still and forever remembered from his game against England.

And just this one goal is not made Diego the “God of Soccer,” here are some more unknown facts about Deigo that every football fan should know.

5 Unknown Facts About ” The Hand Of God”

Banned Thrice

Deigo Maradona
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In 1991, he was banned from football during the trial in Naples due to the allegation of doping and criminal links.

It was a very hard time for Deigo as he was banned for 15 months. The second time he was banned from the 1994 World Cup for another 15 months. This nearly ended his international football career but the greatest setback was when he was disqualified for the third time in 1997.

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Slow Motion Suicide

Deigo Maradona
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Diego did not die once as this football legend was a drug addict that takes him to the edge of death several times.

  • He got heart failure in 2000 and 2004 as he was a cocaine addict.
  • In 2005, he underwent a gastric bypass surgery
  • He had alcohol-induced hepatitis became worse in 2007

Despite the health problems that drugs brought to Deigo, in a 1996 interview he stated a bold statement, “I was, I am and I always will be a drug addict. A person who gets involved in drugs has to fight it every day.”

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Holds The Worst Record

Diego Maradona
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The Hand of God Legend is known for his great football tactics, flawless geniuses, and few of the best goals in the history of football World Cup. But, do you know that he also made 23 fouls in the 1982 World Cup. No football player had ever done so many fouls as Deigo did.

This was not the first time when this Argentinian and Napoli striker made fouls. In the 1986 World Cup against Mexico, he made 53 fouls which were even higher than the fouls suffered by The Prince Of Uruguay, Enzo Francescoli. 

See his crazy fouls here:

A Real-Life Defender

Deigo Maradona
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Although Deio Maradona was a striker on the field when it comes to defending other football players he had never stepped back. In the 2010 World Cup Diego defends Lionel Messi when he was criticized for lacking the FIFA World Cup win and not scoring even one goal.

He said,” I am not going to tolerate that people say Messi is not the phenomenon that he is because he did not win a World Cup.” He even thanked God for the reason that Messi is from Argentina.

“Messi is a great player, regardless of whether he won the World Cup or not. At the age of 56, I can say that I have never seen anyone like Messi. I thank God that Messi is an Argentine. We have Messi, the Pope, and me.”

Deigo had coached him for 2 years and knew the true potential of Lionel Messi despite the fact that he could not bring the World Cup to the country.

The Controversary King

Diego Maradona
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The controversies surrounding ” El Pibe de Oro” aka Diego made him a popular figure more than his game. Italian officials had frozen his assets in a response to non-payment of debt worth $53 million since 1984-1991.

This wasn’t the first time his assets were confiscated. Tax officials from Italy confiscated his diamond ring and Rolex watches in 1984 when he was traveling to Italy.

Diego Maradona On Wednesday died in his home after a cardiac arrest. His death has hit the entire world hardly and fans worldwide are paying tribute to this Legend of Football.

Even his rivals believe this and mourned his death. He penned a note saying,” Certainly, one day we’ll kick a ball together in the sky above.”

Every sports person grieves for this immense loss and paid tribute to this football legend on social media. Former Indian Cricket Captain, Saurav Ganguly also paid his sincere tribute to Maradona and penned down an emotional note on Twitter.

Fouls, debts, and drug addiction, nothing has replaced and can never replace this “Golden Boy”. The world has one Deigo Maradona and he will remain the Greatest Of All Time.



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