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5 Relationship Tips You Need To Take With A Pinch Of Salt

Whether it’s your first love or not, you will always look for a few relationship tips you need. Of course, at some point of time you will feel that nothing is going right and a little piece of advice can save your relation. But, don’t be dependent on every part of the information you get. 

Most of the advice comes from those who have never been in love and are so-called experts of love. Their words are not often right, so blindly following them may further make the condition worse. Therefore, please don’t take their advice seriously, and here are a few of those suggestions you need to ignore now. 

Relationship Advice You Need To Ignore

Theirs Is Yours

relationship tips you need

Often couples believe everything that belongs to their partner is theirs as well, whether their mobile phone or money. That’s not true. Your partner is an individual who has personal boundaries and life. 

Respect their boundaries and don’t cross it in the name of love. Checking their phone or wallet or other stuff without their permission may make you lose them because not everyone likes to get reviewed by their partner. Also, it indicates that you don’t trust and respect your partner. 

So, theirs is not always yours. 

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No Fights

relationship tips you need

Have you ever heard that perfect couples don’t fight? If they don’t, then either they are not complete, or they are not couples. Misunderstandings and vexing issues occur in every relationship because each has its thoughts and perception. 

Saying YES to whatever your partner believes doesn’t make you a perfect partner; instead, they will take you for granted. Also, if you avoid fights, then those issues and misunderstandings will never get cleared. That isn’t very good for your relationship.

Moreover, the opposite of this advice is also not healthy for your relationship. Baseless fights will ruin it. So, be wary of this advice.

Change Them

relationship tips you need

Of course, love is about adjustments, but it is also about acceptance. So, if your love guru advises that change your partner’s habit you don’t like, then definitely this relationship advice you should ignore. 

Change only those habits that are necessary and bad for their growth. Such a change will help them grow as an individual, and they will love you more for supporting them.

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Look For Compatibility

relationship tips you need

Your friend or others will tell you to find someone who is compatible. Incompatibility leads to bad relationships. That’s again relationship advice you should ignore. Compatibility has no fixed measure; you cannot identify how much a person is suitable for your life.

It grows with relationships. At first, you two may have different likings, perception, and hobbies, but that’s about individuality and not compatibility. But as you grow in a relationship, it develops slowly. 

Always Please Them

relationship tips you need

No, you don’t have to at least all the time. Pleasing your partner all the time will again make you for granted. However, do it at your personal best and not beyond the boundaries. 

Every couple faces hurdles, and a tough time in love and the right advice can show them light, but the above information can further put you in the dark. So, believe what your guts tell you rather than following blindly. 


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