These Zodiac Signs Have The Least Relationship Compatibility

Did you hear that true love made in heaven? Well, not in heaven but the stars. The stars are holding all the truth behind relationship compatibility between two people as per the expert’s astrologist. This is why some zodiac signs are highly compatible with others and are perfect as a romantic couple. 

On the other hand, some signs are terrible in terms of compatibility that they become awkward couples. So, if you have just entered into a relationship or about to date your crush, then check whether you two have compatible zodiac signs or not. Here are the top five least compatible zodiac signs. 

Capricorn And Aquarius

relationship compatibility

These two next-door zodiacs are not best when paired together. Their natural characteristics often make them feel disconnected in a relationship. Capricorn is a very demanding sign that makes its counterpart uncomfortable. They are independent and do not like anyone ruining their independence.

Even if they fall in love, the roadblocks are just hard to overcome because of their incompatibility. 

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Cancer And Leo

relationship compatibility

These two zodiac signs have a different way of approaching love. Where Cancerians are homebodies, Leo always craves attention. This distinct nature keeps the two out of a relationship. Leos give importance to themselves into a relationship, whereas Cancerians always keep relationships first. 

Also, Cancerians easily fall in love, which is not the case with someone having Leo as a zodiac sign. And when it comes to stability and lengthy affairs, Cancerians are committed, but the fiery nature of Leo makes it impossible. Leo always values themselves and thus focuses less on finding a partner.

Leo And Pisces

relationship compatibility

These two least compatible zodiac signs fall into the quincunx of the astrological chart. In other words, these two signs are positioned at an angle of 150 degrees on the chart. Signs falling in this part are poor at understanding each other. 

It is because these two have different elements- water and fire. Just like Cancerians, Pisces are very romantic personalities, but the overbearing nature of Leo makes the relationship harder. 

Insecurity and discomfort are all that they will feel when falling in love with a Leo guy because Leo loves attention more than love. 

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Sagittarius Should Not Date A Virgo

relationship compatibility

These two zodiac signs are having the least relationship compatibility as they fall into the square aspect. On the astrological chart, these signs are 90 degrees apart from each other. Virgos are perfectionists, and they want perfection even in a relationship that can irritate a Sagittarian. 

Sagittarius is a happy-go-lucky personality who cannot bear perfectionism all the time. Both have a dominating personality, which can further harm their relationship. 

Scorpios Are Beyond Gemini’s Capability

relationship compatibility

If you are a Gemini, then Scorpio is going to be the worst match. Their high expectations and demand for their partner ruin a relationship, and it lasts no longer. However, their fascinating personality attracts you at first, but their desires and need will soon make you find another partner. 

Geminis are people lovers; they love to talk and make friends. On the other hand, Scorpio are opposite, and they don’t believe in unnecessary chatter. So, if you are dating a Scorpio, then soon you have to find another partner. 

Avoid dating these least compatibility zodiac signs if you want to get into a whole and life-long affair. 

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