5 Fitness Tips From Katrina Kaif Workout Routine You Can Swear By

Do you want a toned body and a great physique like Katrina? Follow these 5 fitness tips from Katrina Kaif Workout Routine. She enjoys taking care of her body and the gym is like a second home to her.

Without the gym, she does not feel the best in her, and in the gym, she works hard like a BEAST. She says “Workout is super important but one should not stress out their body.” Furthermore, she believes in making gym sessions interesting and fruitful.

You can completely rely on her workout session for ultimate fitness goals and motivation. Check out these fitness lessons from Katrina Kaif.

Fitness Tips We All Need From Katrina Kaif Workout Routine

1. No Shortcuts

When it comes to staying fit, there’s no shortcut. You should not be happy with 10 minutes stretching on the bed and call it a workout (like many do) Set an alarm, get up in the morning, and work hard in the gym. Find a trained fitness trainer who can guide you about all the techniques and mistakes so that you don’t go wrong.


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And in case, you are doing it at home search for an online fitness tutor. Even the fitness sessions on YouTube would be better but follow them seriously. And most importantly, don’t run away from challenges.

As your body gains resilience and strength, switch to intense workouts like cardio, Pilates, and plyometrics. Then you might be able to do Bipasha’s 100 Squat challenge.

2. Go For A Multi-Format Workout

The workout should not be boring, add fun to your fitness routine says Katrina. Because, when you do same exercises again and again, your body and mind get used to doing it and it stops gaining any benefits. That’s true!


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This is again important to continue the workouts or else you’ll feel like not going to the gym. And even if Katrina is a fitness freak, she also needs the motivation to hit the gym. Her personal trainer Yasmin Karachiwala ensures that Katrina loves doing what she plans for her.

Here’s a sample multi-format workout for beginners:

  1. Warm-up ( 10 minutes)
  2. Chest exercises like chest press, flyes, tricep dips, and ab crunch each for one minute
  3. Decline press-ups and tricep pushdowns for one minute ease
  4. Light stretching exercises to cool down your body
  5. Take enough rest between each set of exercises.

If this is too much, try these 20 minutes exercises.

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3. Katrina Kaif Workout Routine Is All About Fun

This might not be included in most of the fitness tips you get from other sources, but Katrina Kaif’s workout routine is incomplete without a buddy. She often trains Alia, or Sarah and enjoys working out together when Yasmin is not around.


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Not just for fun but to boost and motivate each other throughout the session. After all, Two Is Better Than One!!!

4. Choose Morning Workout Over Evening

Well, there’s no harm in doing a workout in the evening. Schedule as per your flexibility but Katrina believes in a morning workout session. Here’s why?


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  1. No distractions, No Excuses!
  2. Starting your day with exercise improves brain health by releasing more endorphins
  3. Keeps you active all-day
  4. Improves metabolism as morning time is when your metabolic rate is low and you need to pump it up for the rest of the day
  5. Morning exercise is good for a sound sleep at night as it upheld a healthy balance of hormones

So, be a Morning exerciser!

5. Add More Tools 

Go for more variety, more tools to make your gym session interesting. Get a resistance band, balancing ball, or kettlebell for more strength, better immunity, and stronger muscles.

Besides these 5 fitness tips, be active, hydrated, and add healthy food to your diet.

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